You are the main actor of your own masterpiece film

When the people born with their own each talent,they dont know that they are like to be an actor of the most wonderful movie in theirselves.They act as director and the main actor,why here i said that they are to be a director also?because i justify that the scenario has been created by our almighty but we are who act and establish every activity what we've had.We are the people who authorize all of activities to do,we are the people who can establish anything that our own goals.We can imagine if we watch the movie that main actor always glorified by the director,the main actor always appear in everyside of film,that's give some perspective toward viewer which can makes all of viewers give more notice toward main actor.Main actor always the shinest people which has many capabilities to encounter all of the problems and mistaken which was being to be happen.

We are as director we can set our life as great as champion motivational film or we rule it as dramatic as Drama film.Everything depends on you who was act as your personality.Life is choice,when you take the champion motivational film,may your life as optimist as your thought.But if you rule it as Drama film,you just always get anything that your life as real as drama film.When i was refering to one of film genre,that's depends on my personality.

Every film that has considered was created by human,we can called it masterpiece.We cant discriminate one of genre film that in our side looks so frightening and we blame it like a worse life ever.People has choice to make all of genre being masterpiece cause everybody has various characteristic.And they can choose as good as theirselves to create the best ending or even the bad ending.The story of human are inevitable to confront the dinamic problem.

The balance beetween your director side and main actor side should be inline so the amalgamation of thought and real life as great as expectation.When you colaborating both of special sides,you will get any impression that you are really impresive.Impresivelly isnt look at your self by your own mirror,but the thousands couple eyes will scream to look out that you are the most impressive person.Yeaaah,as great as you are,you can maximizing your genre of your life as best as you did.When you love to handover your life to be a motivational movie and you always doing struggle in every part of your film,you can get any education toward yourselves that Life is never ending to do effort.Because nobody knows what will happen in future,or even how close you are with your Diamond.
I will give you the analogy about achieve your goal,When the people throughout the dark middle night,the people still walk away to find out the bright light.When the people still walk away to looking for the light and they cant being a patient person and the people just stop at this place without any activities,whereas in your near is there any glamming lights that you have looking for,that's picturizing that you dont know how you are really close with your goal eventhough you dont realise that diamond really close with your effort.By this analogy,it is can educate us about constantly walk and do effort without stop till you find out the goal what you want.

Before you have to colouring your genre as your personality,you must create the schets as the main line and boundaring your colour that you will draw.The basic of you act in your film,you have to establishing the scenario to upholding and supporting the best film upcoming.It is really hard to establishing the scenario cause that if you had written down your scenario and your acting not as good as the expectations.

The successful movies that you have done is depend on your big struggle and effort was conducted.Not only as you act to be an actor ,REMEMBER you are as a director also.Director can change the thing that actually has planned before,there are many reasons to switch a particullar scene for a greater result.In the middle hard of distraction life,we will find unpredictable moment that evitable enforced.That's the best time of you to decide every plan that you had written down, it would be counting your level of maturity.When you decide focuse in one way,all the consequences are being accompanying you till the peak of The Mount.You have figured out already everything that you choose.And there is no reason that you will fail to get your goals as your very first plan.May be scenario just the main line of the human way that you were planning for,but you can arrange it much more special than your plan,just think that the obstacles are being the special thing that can give you more special in your film.

Well,the task of director not only directing all of actor to follow any decissions from the scenario or even from  director itself.The Greatest director always keep spying out the intensity of camera.The Director established the perspective of picturization.We can see on how every director give more some touch by the little thing that's called perspective of picturization.I as the people who was always looking film by detail that it can prove if film has many perspective in picturization or even perspective in the stigma.Perspective in the stigma here is when the camera glorifying the actor or the place or the main actor or the enemy or the society or many more.
That's something much more congruent with the real shape of human instinct and stigma.

The collaboration of you are being main actor and being the director is the best your own masterpiece film ever.Because you can decide,establish,act and rule as you want.