We do believe that crown is the highest level for life curious seeker.

Crown has placed in the above of human head. Everybody can look exactly and completely.
How lucky for people who was granted for wearing Crown as a King. We can see on how hard the people to take over crown from the other enemy that you were encounter. Power is covering and the fundamental thing that actually being the biggest part of grabing the Crown. In the social life, crown is the sign for people who has covering power in the particular area and lead to welfaring their own territory. In the history,we can see that crown isn't hereditary placed for their next generation, but in our ancestor history that we must conquer the people who want grab our territory till we wins the war.
Before move to my next words, I just want to remind you that indonesia has many kingdoms that each of it has separated different goal. Diversity still being the biggest factor to breakdowning in the other side, they are still think that human has a classification (caste) which affect their mind to assassinate the lower caste in the other side. Actually they murder the other kingdom just for grab the power of their society and take over the authority for manage furthermore owned natural resources which has been exist. That's all did and established by king just because they have to survive their own life and all of society who was believing of him.
Yaaa, maybe war the one and the only way to solving and surviving problem after both of kingdom couldn't reach mutual-advantages agreement by them. After we get the champion from the A side, A's King deserved to lead and grab all of the treasure and full authority from the loser side.
How precious Crown. How worth crown for people who wear that.

Sometimes I really want to be a prince who ride the white horse and wearing red cloak and bring arrow in my behind. And I throughout the society and the path of village checking the condition all of my follower. Kind a hero who always care toward their own society. King or prince not only caste nor even label for people who wear Crown, but they have to responsible to make everything in their territory so well.King or prince also leading and managing the whole of aspects to ensure that they still welfaring their own Palace or even society. Welfareness of the society is depends on the president (leader) of the territory to create a new safe and employment opportunities as a life foundation for all of caste. The king also give some teaching for the part of security(army) to ensuring that unpredictable war encounter. King have to manage all of specific side to make Their territory as well.
King is the only people in the past who has same level with president in right now (Republican system). He is having good relation to the other king in the edge of the world. The relation itself should kept off to take agreement of something which can give mutual advantages for each kingdom. I will give you some example what a tangible thing which means mutual advantages.
When kingdom has born in the coastline and they haven't any basic food such as wheat and rice. The kingdom can create a new agreement of cooperation to the other kingdom which has necessary commodity. Agreement could clear when both of them have some feedback each other,and both of them occurring same (quality and quantity) advantages. Everything will not gonna be worse if you don't even create a new mistake and possessing the thing that actually we don't deserves it or the thing that the section isn't give for us anymore. The cooperation inter-kingdom relation not only about commodity,but also about safety each kingdom. They have some agreement to make it very clear in the black over the paper. King is being the greatest way to have relationship and keep it by match their son and daughter to be marry. By this way, the power of the kingdom will extended to the other territory without violence.

By my argument that was written over there, we can take some more education that Crown is not only to be wear, but also in the meaning of Crown has several responsibility to take over and conduct.
Don't only that you have got your crown already then you escape all your responsible, but you have to still keep your responsibility up.