I am in Autopilot mode

It's quite mature to tell that i should have to stand by my self. I am responsible of my self. I am the highest authorization of my self.

Those words are likely to show how nowadays and future in my own hand. I don't even conscious if my age turns into maturity session. This is the time for me to see that world is not only here, world is wide,  world is still need to be explored. Since several years ago, i force myself to make a routine activity about writing and drawing what my destiny is. Some strategies have also been created to realize what i have already constructed. Till i fall into comfort area, the thing that i most avoid. Time flies so fast, really fast even i don't know where i should begin right now. Currently my parents don't have an authority to interfere my future plan. I am no longer a child that should be encouraged physically by them.

Currently, all those things are like how autopilot system works. I will clearly tell this matter by aviation approach, although i don't have capability to speak it, but just embrace the red line of parable. Before take off, airplane has already been checked the completeness of safety standard. Pilot must ensure that everything should be OK before they taking over the position to drive the airplane. Pilot should has prepared all the things which later will be conducted. Where the destination is, where the path route is, when the machine should be turned on, which runaway could be used, and etc. Pilot is not only work alone, the togetherness of the crew also important point before airplane is taking off. Deciding to let the flight goes actually Pilot was ready to responsible all passengers and all crews. So many news show that one of the biggest accident section is when the airplane taking off from the land. Level of stressful will raise significantly in this section, it could be dangerous when Pilot does not take a very high concentration to handle take off-section. Pilot has to know the schedule of the runaway usage, weather and the position of destination. Right after taking off-section has already done, Pilot has to direct where the path of destination. After successfully passes those sections, Pilot can see the conditional weather. Conditional weather gives input to Pilot that when autopilot system should be done. By technical mechanism Pilot can be take a rest while autopilot works, autopilot is replacing the Pilot's job by determined the right time is. Autopilot switches almost 80% Pilot's job, it is taken when condition is already stable.

I have constructed very comprehensive and specific plans, but one day my plans are like empty paper that can be called as trash. What i have believed in, was easily destructed by the condition that suddenly come. I am not sure that it will stop, just need a very big fire to raise everything to be up. I hope all those things just only like I am in Autopilot mode, so i could still have time to handle it manually. I hope several days later, everything will be back to normal that previously be planned. I know autopilot is stable and reliable to do, but undergoing big barrier is not only need an ordinary efforts. Almost a month i am not sure to run into my strategic plans, kinda has already enjoyed in the Autopilot mode. I need to escape very soon the autopilot mode to take over the real position as a Pilot. Comfort area is always coming when people really tired of all. Then i will never make my aircraft that still be driven by me attacks mountain. Or i won't to make my passengers could not enjoy my flight.

After that, my task still have not finished before my aircraft landed perfectly in my destination. I have to make sure that I timely, exactly, comfortably, orderly and perfectly.