Distinctive Role

There is a bit fact for settled-foreigner since leaving from hometown for good, by means studying. I am by no means generalized on framing other perspectives, but it works for me on real, I intended to release what I adapted while acting in a very paradoxical composure I lived. I labelled both as my "Professional" and my "Childhood" version. Despite my professional life is not like wearing well-suited black coat with red tie in my necklace, I just worked as student (ever since) or getting work done in a company (without any special formal uniform outfits, or sometime yes) in Metropolitan city. In my childhood version, I am just really nobody who wear wrinkled t-shirt which bought years ago, in a village.

I left hometown when I was 17th years old to follow any common unspoken culture, by the suggestion of the elders, I confident to live alone outside parent's sight. In that grade, people are transforming character by dependence (all the thing provided easily at home, as easy as waking up with all just well-done favorite food available on a table every morning) onto independence (by means not summoning your mom to bring towel while you forget to ring it on your neck before entering bathroom).

I experienced by three parameters of transformation, it changed me that much. In a certain distinct condition, first, I grown by natural growth on sizing up my age, and fortunately after 17 is a time for people do level-elevating maturity. It counted the number you lived since you are born. It happened without being asked, like or dislike your number of age is running out every single day. By this definition, I am getting mature everyday, mostly when it turned more than 17 y.o will get going faster on maturity signed.

Second, I moved habitat. Beforehand, I spent more than my half life on the place while people really polite on treating people, I speak different grade of language to others (It is an obligation on Javanese culture to classify level of language depends on seniority, simply talk to elders by higher level language or talk to equal by average level language), I do bending back passing people I walked-side, and I put smile while meet everyone. Neighbor is family, they said.
Thereafter, I am turned to be egalitarian since I know nobody while living on Metro. I meet hundred times more people than in my hometown. I do not even do what I previously have done, this environment is surprisingly different though it is not that surprise me that big, I feel big different on how looking at people or treating people, I eliminate those -conservative- grade. I see everything equal, not only in one context but wider.

Third, I got a new rule. Since I got labelled as an independent student, I mean college freed me to give all-rounded privilege on managing student personal life, I was not enforced to attend morning classes (that pain me in the ass) as not as I am not always ready to absorb those kind scientist thingy onto my brain -yet, my brain refuses any indicated science subject entered-. I skipped classes whenever I want, as I want as jump onto D or E score on my a half annually report by not well-attacking those exams. If I attend classes, I could not see any interesting programs outside school, of course with all fully funded accommodation and meals, by this end that yes students could not resist to enjoy new circles, fluffy bed and delicious meals. Biggest dilemma ever become college student.

Specifically, those reasons shape me as the one who needs to adapt on environment, though I have been in Metropol for years, I come back to home for a while. I was classified in to two label on following conditions.

First, as professional (I count it since I first pursue higher education) our hourly conversation is close to daily national or international issues by arguing each other on finding problem solving ways. In my environment, luckily I talked to ones who have international minded, we all here listed any popular issues existing. We always overwhelm on conversing fresh-from-the-oven issues. I indicated it as I can be an economic forecaster one day, and it ends to be a fair politician someday, or I become an engineer in a while, and It should become business enthusiast once or even become policy analyst on weekend. I cannot deny, almost everyday I meet simply inspirational people with their own way, I thank to them who have enriched me spectacular point of view on interpreting stuffs. As example, I meet a friend that almost a year did not see, and what I know that he was a 19-ish years old student who leads university or national organization, it was like almost every day I am having conversation to them with various topics. Thanks for slapping me -in implicit way-. I cannot hide from talking-current-issues. In the other hand, my label as Computer Scientist enforced me to plug me onto logical yet fruitful mostly encode-decode conversation. We simply combat to give an explanation why the algorithm is not efficient enough to implement, or we simply calculated numerous number to decide 1 (one) or 0 (zero) or the sequence of both numbers. Hell yeah?

In disparate environment, I need to narrow down my conversation skills.

As childhood version, it is quite contradict label but since I was seemed as still 17 years boy at home, I did not see any reason why I was being treated as 17 years boy. Based on analysis, I linked it to the first I left home when I was 17. Everyone seek me as that way, in order past years I have gone, I looked stay still. I could not see any different way to treat me, I was mentioned as "immature" as my current age. I still have not been involved on any decision, yet my cousin who is equal grade with me has been involved. I conclude it because he was transforming his maturity age (17-22 years old) at home, so my family directly monitored his growth time by time. Then, he was asked any decision making affair. And me, I still could not be permitted to touch any mature businesses by my voice has not been calculated on decision making.
I confess and promises, once I get back home. I will never mention any "professional" matter I received in Metropol, I enjoyed talking about easy-consumed-chit-chat than bring my daily professional conversation, however they will never understand what I say. I adapt to pull down density of words I spread, I keep a hard consumed content, I press velocity on speaking. I analogize it that I am naked. I leave home with nothing, and I come back as I started before, as I know nothing. 

Both role I played, I adapt where I live. I will not appropriate talking analysis on how "Fifth Dimension on Interstellar" film could happen, or arguing on why "British Exit" from European Union while I was at Home. And I will not appropriate to know nothing and no contributed on several current issues while I was at Metropol. I have no idea is other feel the same thing or not.