Working is not only About Following Passion

In the first day I work for Samsung Research and Development Institute Indonesia, I frightened. I come to office 1 hour earlier based on appointment. My heart starts heavy beating, I walked around hundreds people crossing Sudirman Street.

What I have in mind is something clumsy, "is this real that I would become Software Engineer?".

Weeks ago I signed contract as "Global Software Engineer", as I have passed in the first term of Algorithm Test by Samsung R&D with HQ Standard. I am lucky enough to pass this one, since everyone needs to conduct Algorithm test more than one, then mostly they are rejected, and some people are accepted. "Global Software Engineer" is a program for universal engineer, lot of programming languages will be taught in this program. For "Real Passionate Engineer", this is the best place to leverage universal programming skills. You will be provided an eminent and costly course with cost covered by Samsung. We were also freed to access Leadership course by Harvard, for instance. Capacity to lead and technical will run into a straight path.

I am majoring in Information Systems, mixed between Computer Science and Management. Becoming Software Engineer is common options for us, but for me personally, I have another outstanding potential talent on another side, so in the first time I decided to choose Non Computer Science Job. I concerned a lot with first job I take, it would be my long life career in the future. I limit myself about Computer Science, I assumed that Software Engineer has narrow career development. I am afraid of my future actually. I hate doing same thing everyday by coding many programming languages, I hate to talk to my computer. As I have spent more than 10 hours to surf and networked on internet connection.

Before I joined, I was given a set of Algorithm Books by Mr Risman (Director of Software R&D), I flipped page by page till I got a nausea effect. I counted it more than 3.000 pages. I am shocked, if it were a set of Motivational Novel or Science Fiction film, I would be really enjoyed on it. Or at least a set of book titled "How to build small creative business for a long term plan for newbies?".

But, big name of Samsung guides me to swallow Algorithm Books, it might be my every day meal in the next couple years.

In the midnight, I sit in the front of balcony, I was starting mini discussion with my own self. Asking frequently same questions, in my humble opinion, I have another passion than dealing with code every day.

D-Day is coming. I entered Samsung R&D Office, I was introduced by HR Officer to anyone. I was a bit nervous to start my life for next couple year of career. We are 5 fresh graduate, are involved a mini discussion by our Laboratory Leader. We were all asked about our passion, I answered to have a passion in Backend (Java, C++ and SQL) and Frontend (CSS3). And I mentioned that I like to speak, to read and to present in front of public. First, I was incorporated on Java project. I am so happy and nervous at the same time.

In the next couple hours, I was offered as Technical Evangelist. Actually, I do not familiar with this position, they said that it would be matched for Engineer who love to write and speak. I took this opportunity. In prior moment, I daydreamed that my job is going to close with Technical Writer.

Surprisingly, I got a beyond expectation position that actually very matched with my personalities. I engaged students, developers from around Indonesia cities. Planning Hackaton and performing technical skill on stage, meeting new people, having a good relations with C-Level, and conducting video conference call meeting every Friday. Making sure that program from Headquarter is delivered in a best time, moment, and going well. Writing books and articles, posted it into technological platform.

Assumption is Killing
There are many opportunities outside there, I realized companies offered employee a good and fit position, the reason is Enormous company (such as Samsung) will place one to the fittest position, to get optimum performance. They will plot you to boost company's revenue, even a little thing is an asset. Lesson learned to ring bad assumption is settling you down.

Do not Limit Yourself
When you are offered any "other and never heard position", it is your time to challenge your self. I read books with another reverse stand point, by raising view from "Do not follow your passion" rules. It guides you to be more master on other field you never touch. Fear of getting failed will get higher, the point you will prepare tighter is acceptable reason to have you stronger and more hardworking. Passion placed you into a place you (sometimes) get destructed, but believe me, you will do anything to confront those challenges. The beat you will sense, headache you have never felt, shaking body you never imagine, push you to think outside your brain.

Enjoy Everything What you Retrieve
Miracle comes from everything. If you have pushed you hard, universe supports you immediately. No worry of having difficult to face tomorrow's job problem. You are guided. By ones or God or invisible hand. There is no job cannot be handled. The most important thing when you are jobbed, is make a history with your contributions.

In this story, I attached my "Masterpiece" while working in Samsung R&D Institute Indonesia, this is published for Public, for you who is interested with Tizen Operating System focusing on Wearable Device, and you are eager to build Application, find this book into your guidance. Thank you, Samsung R&D Institute Indonesia for an amazing experience.