I am in Autopilot mode

It's quite mature to tell that i should have to stand by my self. I am responsible of my self. I am the highest authorization of my self.

Those words are likely to show how nowadays and future in my own hand. I don't even conscious if my age turns into maturity session. This is the time for me to see that world is not only here, world is wide,  world is still need to be explored. Since several years ago, i force myself to make a routine activity about writing and drawing what my destiny is. Some strategies have also been created to realize what i have already constructed. Till i fall into comfort area, the thing that i most avoid. Time flies so fast, really fast even i don't know where i should begin right now. Currently my parents don't have an authority to interfere my future plan. I am no longer a child that should be encouraged physically by them.

Currently, all those things are like how autopilot system works. I will clearly tell this matter by aviation approach, although i don't have capability to speak it, but just embrace the red line of parable. Before take off, airplane has already been checked the completeness of safety standard. Pilot must ensure that everything should be OK before they taking over the position to drive the airplane. Pilot should has prepared all the things which later will be conducted. Where the destination is, where the path route is, when the machine should be turned on, which runaway could be used, and etc. Pilot is not only work alone, the togetherness of the crew also important point before airplane is taking off. Deciding to let the flight goes actually Pilot was ready to responsible all passengers and all crews. So many news show that one of the biggest accident section is when the airplane taking off from the land. Level of stressful will raise significantly in this section, it could be dangerous when Pilot does not take a very high concentration to handle take off-section. Pilot has to know the schedule of the runaway usage, weather and the position of destination. Right after taking off-section has already done, Pilot has to direct where the path of destination. After successfully passes those sections, Pilot can see the conditional weather. Conditional weather gives input to Pilot that when autopilot system should be done. By technical mechanism Pilot can be take a rest while autopilot works, autopilot is replacing the Pilot's job by determined the right time is. Autopilot switches almost 80% Pilot's job, it is taken when condition is already stable.

I have constructed very comprehensive and specific plans, but one day my plans are like empty paper that can be called as trash. What i have believed in, was easily destructed by the condition that suddenly come. I am not sure that it will stop, just need a very big fire to raise everything to be up. I hope all those things just only like I am in Autopilot mode, so i could still have time to handle it manually. I hope several days later, everything will be back to normal that previously be planned. I know autopilot is stable and reliable to do, but undergoing big barrier is not only need an ordinary efforts. Almost a month i am not sure to run into my strategic plans, kinda has already enjoyed in the Autopilot mode. I need to escape very soon the autopilot mode to take over the real position as a Pilot. Comfort area is always coming when people really tired of all. Then i will never make my aircraft that still be driven by me attacks mountain. Or i won't to make my passengers could not enjoy my flight.

After that, my task still have not finished before my aircraft landed perfectly in my destination. I have to make sure that I timely, exactly, comfortably, orderly and perfectly.

Self Centric

Nowadays, the condition where my personality is like divided into two versions which have quite far to be united. Inability to control one of those, it is hard to reach, it is hard to catch. People don't know why I am quick enough to show my expressions differently at the same moment. In the second version of I am, self centric-ness dominates in partaking the big portion of personality authorization that finally can destruct everything, may be.

I have never disregarded the "actually happens" in my body right now. One body contained of more than one version is acceptable for people who opens their mind widely as I am. But when consciously wake up with very tight eyes open, the alert danger constantly reminds me to stop the anger now. Self centric brings me hard to follow people suggestions, it is like i have my own light in my own intuition to be followed. Walking in the dark room with very little light signs which can be followed still be my first guidance to throughout the dark room. Analogy over there shows me how big my intuition actively acted to through my life. It is like nobody can control me, there is nobody could able to make my thought will be turned over, to be handed over. The most dangerous moment someday that i had feared off, my circumstance experienced some moments that similar with what i am facing now. They try to encourage me into better action that they had experienced before, they want me to get better. My ideology still upstanding to build castle to make sure there is no one can interfere. Interference is like breaking originality to create new product with additional  ingredients from others recipe in our food. Everyone has their own recipes in building creativity in their food. There will never appropriate when recipes are collected and create new variety of foods, fifty to fifty random chances to get better food. But I don't want accept consequences among un-mature plan to conduct. The highness of honor will decrease by unoriginality of something. All i need is proportional and original, as people mostly want. I have not found the truth of self-centric's stance, it stand in the right side or it stand on the wrong side. In fact that my self-centric has already succeed to bring my spirit in order to build bigger fire in ceasing my biggest ambition.
I need clarifications regarding self centric, self centric is not that people don't care about something and neglecting others, but self centric tells us about how people appreciate and have their own thought to be followed.

I do (not), fucking love Science!!

Pada ruangan yang berukuran 4x3 meter ini, sering kali terlintas di otakku bahwa suatu saat nanti Science akan menguasai dunia. Seolah Science adalah sebuah tangan fiktif yang menggenggam peranan bumi. Bumi? Not only that. Impossible is nothing, then someday will awake irrational-able thing. Jembatan yang menghubungkan antara Merkurius dan Bumi, kenapa tidak? Science adalah suatu hal yang sebenarnya sudah ada dan akan diciptakan. Bahkan kemampuan manusia untuk menemukan sesuatu yang sudah tercipta dan hidup maupun berjalan sejak ratusan tahun pun masih membutuhkan waktu yang sangat lama. Bangunan tertinggi di dunia pun masih belum dapat mengalahkan tingginya Mount Everest.

Ditemukannya suatu chip yang bisa membuat manusia menjadi abadi, mungkin saja. Ketika Science akan menjawab sesuatu yang mungkin diinginkan oleh manusia di dunia ini. Kalau kehidupan manusia hanyalah bergantung pada detak jantungnya, suatu saat akan ditemukan suatu chip yang di tempel di daerah jantung yang fungsinya untuk membuat jantung tetap berdetak. Atau membuat jantung buatan yang bisa dipasang di tubuh manusia, It will be a lil bit more awful. Dan kematian akan menjadi sebuah pilihan, bukan kepastian lagi.

How big the power of Science? Science will be the greatest power in changing the world. It would be unbeatable reason to disregard that the power of Science can be controlled.

Science ditemukan oleh ilmuwan-ilmuwan hebat, the world just only own by they who have over average intellectual brain. Mereka bisa melakukan apapun, seperti yang mereka inginkan. Sometimes aku berfikir, bagaimana kalau orang-orang hebat itu memiliki misi lain dalam semua penemuannya? The highest level in managing people just a chief. Suatu hal yang buruk akan terjadi saat mereka under-controlled by people who have bad pretension to hold the world.

Semua itu sebenernya inline dengan study yang kutempuh saat ini, especially in Information Technology. By the very high enhancement in Information Technology, i ensure that this world will be grow faster than what i expected. Someday, Presiden, Raja, bahkan Perdana Menteri pun sudah tidak mempunyai kuasa untuk melakukan sesuatu. Bahkan segala perintahnya pun sudah tak akan ada lagi. Aku berharap IT expert should have their out standing idealism. Jangan sampai mereka mudah diperdaya oleh sesuatu yang akan membuat dunia memburuk. IT Expert has to realize that World in their hand, in many sectors should be educated about morality and awareness in keeping world alive.
Di sisi lain bahwa science dapat mengubah peradaban yang saat ini sedang berkembang, peradaban dimana manusia bisa mengelola dunia ini dengan seimbang, maksudnya manusia bisa me-manage the balance among human life, animal life, natural life and technology. Peradaban manusia dengan tingkat intelektualitas yang tinggi yang hidup di suatu perumahan berteknologi canggih dengan memiliki tiga puluh persen green area di rumahnya. Yes, it could be happen. Itu semua akan terjadi apabila manusia-manusia jenius di muka bumi ini tidak under-controlled by a chief, atau manusia jenius itu tidak berniat untuk menghancurkan dunia ini.

Science adalah satu hal dua sisi. If you utilize science well, the world will be like a heaven which is created by human. Everyone will easily to get something, long life, sensing the quality of life and will be a greater society that were blessed by God. Not only human, all the parts of life will live well, animal does. In the other hand, Science is the highest influental media to destroy the world. One who control science will easily to intervene in the unordered world.
Semoga manusia-manusia yang tercipta dengan hebatnya, tahu apa yang harus mereka lakukan di saat mereka memegang kendali atas Science. Nobody knows, kalo someday I am the part of them.

Bukalah bukumu sebanyak ayunan kapak ku

Di suatu tempat disaat sang Matahari belum mulai menyingsingkan cahayanya, suara ayam berkokok sayu-sayu terdengar di kejauhan dengan desir suara ranting serta daun yang diterpa angin lembut, terdengar juga lelaki setengah baya yang sedang memukul pohon yang berdiameter sekitar 1 meter tersebut dengan kapak usangnya. Ditemani dengan sebuah perapian yang terbuat dari ujung bambu yang dipotong sedikit diatas ruas bambu yang diselipkannya kain usang sebagai sumbu perapiannya. Dan itu ia kerjakan pada waktu yang sama setiap harinya selama belasan tahun.

Di iringi lembutnya angin yang menyambar perapiannya, terpantullah cahaya api ke wajah sang penebang pohon. Sudah satu setengah jam dia mengayunkan kapaknya. Tak ayal keringat sang penebang pohon tersebut tercucur bak embun yang sedang menguap pada waktu yang tepat pada waktu tersebut.

"Ayah...", teriakan anak kecil sambil mengelap-elap matanya yang belum terbuka sempurna yang baru saja terbangun dari tidur lelapnya, keluar dari sebuah tempat yang berukuran lima kali tujuh meter beratapkan jerami dan berdindingkan kayu yang sudah cukup lapuk.

"Hey anakku..", tangan yang terlihat kasar, berurat dilambaikannya.

Dengan langkah kecil anak tersebut melewati dingin nya udara pagi itu sambil menempatkan kedua tangannya di depan dada nya. Dengan hati-hati langkah tersebut mendekat kepada sang Ayah.

"Hendak kau lakukan apa anakku, di dingin nya pagi seperti ini", ujar lelaki setengah baya tersebut. "Aku hanya ingin melihat, ayah. Tak ada keinginanku untuk mengganggumu.", ujar anak berumur satu windu tersebut.

 "Masuklah nak, ke tempat kau bisa mendapatkan kehangatan yang biasa kau lakukan", ucap Ayah sambil menundukan badan agar wajah Ayah tersebut bertatapan wajah anak itu dengan tangan kanan mengelus rambut.

 "Tapi aku ingin sekali membantumu melakukan hal itu", pinta anak kecil itu. Sang ayah mendekat sambil memegang kedua lengan anak kecil itu sambil berkata "Buka lah buku pemberian edi anak pak lurah itu, agar kelak kau tak sepertiku, karena kau lah satu-satu nya sang mahkota keluarga yang dapat membawa Ayah dan Ibumu pergi ke suatu tempat yang beratapkan genting dan beralaskan karpet sutra".

Namun anak kecil itu masih belum beranjak dari tempatnya sambil berujar "Apakah aku bisa memberikan mu selembar kain sutra sebagai penutup badanmu saat kau tidur, ayah?".

"Bisa anakku", sambil menuntun anak tersebut pergi ke pojok luar dari gubuk yang mereka huni. "Buka lah bukumu, lihatlah dunia dengan caramu, bahkan kelak kau pun bisa menjadi seorang yang memiliki tanda garis emas di lengan seragam yang kau kenakan. Anggaplah setiap kau buka satu lembar kertasmu, sama halnya Ayah mengayun satu kali diarahkan ke pohon itu", ujar sang Ayah.

"Ayah, Budi, masuklah. Sudah Ibu siapkan nasi hangat berlaukkan daun singkong rebus dengan sedikit rempah pedas yang dimasak setengah matang", Ujar wanita yang rambutnya sedang digulung diatas sambil melambaikan tangan dari dalam sebuah rumah kecil yang sudah terlihat renta dengan lap yang berada pundak kiri nya.

"Ayo ayah kita lanjutkan", ujar Budi sambil menarik tangan sang Ayah dengan semangatnya.

When celebration was changed to be commemoration

Everybody in the world celebrates the most awaited moment in a Year, after fully 1 month through fasting days, they welcome a day with joyful and happiness. A man who studying in Faculty of Computer Science University of Indonesia, lives in depok did not.

Several years ago, a young man went to somewhere he did not know where he precisely stood up. Due to a compulsory activity, studying, he ultimately escaped his life in the village to go city where his campus located. His voyage has changed the condition, feeling or even sense. And first time he arrived there, he faced condition while in a fasting moment. As a moshlem's special month, he felt nothing. When usually he woke up happily with his family, since that moment he must be struggling for having breakfast before fasting begin (Sahur time). At 3 AM he force the body to face the cold climate, he had to looking for the place which provided food. Day a day has left, no sense while he throughout the days. Then finally he was only realized that the best moment has gone.

Celebration is when somebody get an extraordinary moment and they doing something for their special moment. How about the no-longer special moment? should he celebrate? No. Commemorating is enough.
The special moment has gradually lost already.

Might be this is a phase for people who transformed into Maturity, then the best moment will come several years later when he is already had an independent family. And commemoration should be replaced again.

See You on Top !

The difference between learning in the Top School or not is just about ambience.

Never expect that i will get friend which are very strong in all aspects. Among smart, diligent, clever, struggle, genius, effort, perfection, competitive, insomnia, fast learner, like to learn, wide minded, certain goal. Most of them who were asked by me, they have a certain purpose for reach their dream, it is inline with my thought. And all of them give different ambience in school. They have a dream to get into World Top University also, it makes me feel so pleasure to converse about Top University, at least it will give some spirit to reach our dream. As what i have researched of their University, most of them want to get Great Britain located university such like manchester, oxford and etc.

I imagine that someday when we all accomplished our mission to achieve our own dream University, we will meet up in the other city at the other country. Such like Paris, or London, or New York, or Frankfurt, or Manchester, or Oxford, of Cambridge, etc. We share a lot of experience while studying, it is like so much happier to listen super awful experience about them. We can meet in the one coffee house at the evening on the almost finished winter season, hospitalized by hot chocolate and fireplace around, we sit in the front of glassy room which can see entire the vicinity of Paris, and we all able to holding hand one another. Wearing a winter cloak model with bringing smartphone in our hands to capture every moment at that time.

Everyone must share from very little thing about the condition of their campus, the condition of their dormitory or even the personal feel when they are studying there. They have to bring one souvenir to be switched with one's souvenirs from their own place be stayed. Bring Uno and Uno stack as what we have been playing until right now while we meet, seeing pictures and videos when we were in University of Indonesia. Reminiscing the nostalgic of our hard session in graduate school, remembering our bad habit in previous school and many stories. We laugh out one another. And I believe it all will happen next two or three years later.

After first meet up session has been done, the second session will be held 3 years later after our post graduate graduation. When we have been achieving what our real dream to become, when we have reached our dream. It will be held in Milan. Some of them have married with one and another still pursue. They who have created family, brings the whole of family member to be gathered. This is be held when summer come at milan, we are fully dressed with our own professional job uniform. Any people who worked as Diplomat and wearing black coat. They who worked as Pilot wearing Pilot uniform, they who worked as Consultant wearing uniform what they usually wear. The contains of conversation will be a bit different with previous meet up, we are talking about world economics, talking about indonesia's achievements and etc.

See You on Top, fellows.

What I hate the most is separation

Dear God,

Why you create separation between us? Why? Why does? Why did?

And i hate it.

Honestly, I am as a man never cry because of something which is happen in my life. I am strong enough.
But May 5th 2014 everything has changed. My super beloved aunty (Mrs Bekti Prihatin) has gone.
Until right now, it is hard for me to accept it, i do not know.

As you know my beloved aunty who always we called "Mamah" is like my second mom. She was always give the best when she treated me, even before she has got married, she was always positioning herself as my mom. At the past when i was in high school, when i could not go to school by my motorcycle, she always bring me to school. She prepared all of breakfast, even though she did not prepare it by her self. At 6 o clock she and I go to somewhere to get our breakfast, as I want, usually she brought "Bubur" which is located quite far from our house and need to ride motorcycle to get it. Do not you guys? 2 next house from our house is an exist "Bubur Seller", but mamah want to get the most delicious "Bubur" in our kecamatan. After she got the food, we are together having breakfast at home with Dea. After that, she brought me to my school. When weekend has come, buying breakfast is my task. As how she was teach me that always give the best for everybody, I should go to somewhere to get the most delicious breakfast. She is humble and always cheers up every day. I never see her at the sad moments, she loves shopping, she loves eating, she loves hang outs. And I am the part of her. She always ask me to get some where she wants. I always accompany her when she goes every where. She always took my "Raport" when the semester has ended.

Dea was included by her in the most bonafide elementary school in my kecamatan, from 1st grade dea also was included into "Les" in my home town, and Usually i am who take care her when Dea get to school and going to "Les". It is few rather people who including 1st grade of elementary school student into les, but mamah did it to Dea. Mamah always give the best, always give the best. When we were hanging outs, mamah tries to find the best meal for us, mamah find the best clothes for us, yes for me and Dea. She treated me as her son also.

And do not you know? mamah has gone when she was finding out the breakfast. How glorious you are mamah. Because of an accident you were lost, you were lost.

May 5th 2014 destroy me, at the morning near 7 AM, my dad called me. My position in my office and i barely get office at that time and i was getting my breakfast. My dad cried, and I am confused. "What happened dad?" i said. "Your beloved aunty has gone", he said. And my heart broken, my soul was crying, my brain was confused, and I speechless. Everybody asked me "What happens, fik?" they said. And I just tell "My beloved aunty has gone". I am still speechless. I cannot say something, such like thunder was hitting me. I am still thinking. And I do not know what my felt at that time. After i get not strong enough, i go to Toilet. But before i get into toilet, even when I leaving my office room, my tears was dropped. Literally dropped. And I ran to toilet, then i cry at the most. Yes, i cried at the most.

At 9 AM i have permitted to all of my fellow for getting back home at that time. And i directly went to Airport, although i did not get the Ticket, I do not care. I must to meet her at the last time. And my heart cried all along. Finally i got the ticket at 12 AM flight. After i touchdown in solo, my cousin was waiting me. And i force him to drive faster, drive faster. I need to get her before she was buried. And after i get home, i ran to find out, and I am late.

I saw Aron was together with his GrandMa, when i touched Aron then my Tears dropping. i can not strong to see him. How I love you Aron and Dea, I really loving you as how your mom was treating me.
I do not know, I do not know, I do not know.
So many life experiences together with you, mamah. I could not share everything about you, might be it will spend thousands word for telling your goodness.

After almost 1 month, barely i brave to call Dea. yes barely. She is strong enough, she is like nothing happen, or may be Dea was understand about this condition. Please teach me how to be strong, Dea. While i called you, you did not know that my tears was dropped. I hide my feel in the front of you, i cried to the max. Until Right now i create this article, my tears still drops.

Christie Medhea Putri and Aron Barussi Anung Hanandito, you both are awesome. When your mom has gone, you can through your life.

May be I am not as strong as you both Dea and Aron. And I love you so, I love you so.
I promise, i will always loving you. I will always loving you.

Stars were no longer pretty !

The gleaming stars above the skies appeared to universe widely. Everything is adore to Stars. The enchantment of stars were admitted by everyone who lived above the earth. Looks so warm when seeing the stars gathered into one area and shaped to be an unique image. Glamorous and classy are the appropriate words for stars. Love the way they are spreading their shine into me. What a gorgeous thing above the life.

But do not you ever think that what will be doing by star if you only see one star in the over world? Or may be when you try to think that Stars are not divided by air, and we only see one star. There is no special when  all stars are being into one place. Selfish. We can not feel the diversity of stars, when diversity is being uphold in many countries. Diversity is one of the reason for the thing seems so pretty. Have you ever come into flower garden? And absolutely you see the flowers blossom. If you come into flower garden at one type of flower, you will be getting bored. Else if when you come to various flower garden with so many diverse color? Will be more attractive.

Stars were no longer pretty when they only shown one by one. Cold, strange and freakish. There was no longer warm sensed. When all stars are being selfish, they only want to show themselves without others. They need to show their charm alone, but it is not warm enough. Not warm enough. They escape the warmness which is created inside of them. They enter into empty space, so everybody see the brightest star is only its. They freed themselves from the group which uphold its shine.

Stars were no longer pretty when the bias light has existed in the big city. The lamp's light has switched the thing which enlighten to the world, enlightened the people life. That is so hard to see stars at the big city. Dazzled for a while, not only for a while but blind to see stars in the whole of night. As a human who live in the big city, the shine of lamp is replacing the stereotype of people about Gorgeousness and the Awfulness of Star. We prefer to enjoy the gleaming of lamp which are modified as pretty attractive as people can be created.

By two points of view over there, i claimed that stars were no longer pretty. Star is selfish for right now, they appeared one by one as they want. They just want to seems the brightest star ever, and neglecting what the people see to them. They never think that their gorgeous is when they are together, they are showing their light together, they are shaped into great image in the over world, and everything has seen.
Stars also do not need by everybody then, they are to be replaced by Lamp. Lamp which is promising the light more than everybody's want, the lamp which is so close with the people here, The lamp which is always giving everybody warmness in everywhere. Then the gorgeous of stars were be replaced.

Jadi Mahasiswa abadi,kenapa tidak?

Biasanya disaat-saat terakhir kuliah yang bentar lagi di DO, saat mau persiapan buat Skripsi banyak orang takut sama kata-kata "Mahasiswa Abadi" bahasa kerennya Immortality Student atau Everlasting Student #berasaTaglineGakPenting. Penamaan "Mahasiswa Abadi" itu disematkan buat mahasiswa yang biasanya kepentok pada semester-semester akhir yang "enggak bisa belum bisa"  menyelesaikan skripsi. Bayangin aja kalo kuliah (Sarjana) yang seharusnya di selesaikan jangka waktu 4 tahun tapi ternyata molor sampe 6 atau 7 taun (ini kuliah apa cicilan rumah sih), bukankah itu mengerikan? Tidak ada yang dapat disalahkan kenapa bisa extend waktu sepanjang itu. Yang jelas pasti gak ada mahasiswa yang mau telat buat wisuda #siapabilang.

Tapi bagi gue, gue pengen banget jadi "Mahasiswa Abadi(Anak BApak buDi)". Bukan karena gue pengen gak lulus ataupun "DO" . Tapi "Mahasiswa abadi " dimata gue itu gue pengen banget kuliah terus, iya kuliah terus. Maksudnya nanti kalo gue udah lulus "Bachelor degree" berasa lulusan overseas university ajasih terus pengen lanjut "Master" abis itu lanjut "Master" lagi, terus lanjut "Master" lagi dan lagi (Lo pikir ada yang bisa ngalahin Master Dedy Corbuzier?????). Kalo orang ngeliat gue kayaknya gue ambi banget deh, walaupun sebenernya ya iya sih enggak. Dan sekarang ke-error-an otak gue ini semakin menjadi jadi deh. Udah dari sono nya error, makin kesini makin kacau. 

Ohya, gue yakin banget pasti banyak yang nanya (#ngareep) begini, " kenapa lo gak ngambil 'PHD' sekalian sih, fik? kok lo tolol banget sih ngambil 'Master' terus? Jadi orang goblok amat !!" Ini pasti gue di goblok goblokin yang baca.

Hidup ini pilihan coy, serah gue lah gue mau ambil master terus sampe gelar "Master" gue bisa banyak ngisi "Master Card" gue kelak #otakduit. Sebenernya ada alasan khusus sih kenapa gue gak pengen maupun tertarik buat ngambil "PHD", itu cuman karena gue gak mau jadi pengajar aliran sesat, gue gak mau jadi dosen, pokoknya gue gak mau jadi seseorang yang kerjanya berhubungan dengan proses "mengajari-diajari". Karena gue gak ada bakat sama sekali buat ngajarin orang (Sumpaah,alasan gue gak rasional banget). Tapi ya emang itu alasan gue. Makanya gue ngebet banget tetep menjadi -Mahasiswa- , ya walaupun ntar gue "Mahasiswa Abadi" yang berganti-ganti "Major" . Tapi gak papa, untuk saat ini kan plan gue emang kayak gitu. Entahlah entar bakal kejadian kayak apa, yang jelas gue masih dan tidak akan surut semangat gue buat nyari mahasiswi-mahasiswi cantik ilmu yang bermanfaat bagi bangsa dan negara hidup yang absurd ini.

Bagi gue bahwa "Mahasiswa Abadi" itu impian gue banget, kapan lagi sih kita dapet semangat menggebu-gebu kecuali dari para mahasiswa yang suka demo itu ? dimana lagi kita bisa nemuin perasaan bergumul berkumpul sama anak anak yang merasa muda kampus lagi? Cuman dikampus, sumpah demi apa. Gak ada tempat lain yang bisa ngerasain aura kompetitif mahasiswa kecuali para caleg parpol keless (alay banget sumpah). Dan berasa banget gak sih kalo ntar gue umur 45 fourty fifth my age *ngooks terus masih di panggil "Mahasiswa" ? Siapa lagi kalo bukan gue nantinya, ya semoga gue juga. Jadi sekarang ini saatnya gue nyiapin ini otak biar gak ngebul-ngebul banget nantinya padahal udah kebakar. Dan yang paling penting ya tetep berdoa dan istiqomah minta duit sama orang tua buat jajan gak penting.

Entah apalah yang gue tulis ini, yang gue yakin bahwa nanti suatu saat gue udah tua pasti gue bakal ketawa-tawa ngebaca tulisan ini. Entah bakal ter-realisasi atau enggak mah gak masalah #padahalmasalahbanget. Salam Autis Mahasiswa

Apakah gue sekarang adalah Reinkarnasi dari binatang?

Kalo misalnya hidup lo itu sebenarnya hanyalah sebuah kutukan dari perilaku lo yang dulu udah lo perbuat sendiri, lo nyadar gak dulu lo ngapain? Konsep reinkarnasi ini sebenernya udah dari jaman baheula sampe sekarang masih pun, iya karena emang reinkarnasi ini ter-ilham dari sebuah kitab suci salah dua agama resmi yang ada di indonesia. Hukum dari reinkarnasi pada kitab tersebut tersurat bahwa manusia kelak akan ber-reinkarnasi menjadi binatang dan sebaliknya.

Otomatis apa yang udah gue bilang pada kalimat pertama diatas menunjukan kalo lo udah reinkarnasi yang kedua atau mungkin ke sekian,karena lo udah balik jadi manusia lagi. Dan yang gue heran kenapa kita seolah lupa akan sesuatu yang telah kita perbuat di masa lampau? Lalu apakah reinkarnasi itu berlaku atas keterikatan hubungan darah dari nenek moyang pertama lahir? lalu siklus kematian yang tidak beraturan itu apa berlaku sama hukum reinkarnasi ini?

Yang agak sedikit membingungkan saat reinkarnasi menjadi seekor hewan, mana mungkin hewan bisa memperbaiki diri agar dapat ber-reinkarnasi kembali jadi manusia? Seperti yang kita tahu kalo seseorang ber-reinkarnasi menjadi hewan maka kehidupan lo yang sebelumnya adalah buruk (perbuatannya). Dan selain itu apabila memang kita ber-reinkarnasi kembali menjadi manusia lagi yang notabene adalah kita saat ini, parameter apa yang membuat gue dilahirkan kayak gini? Kelamaan banget sih menurut gue kalo mau mencapai kesucian (moksa) supaya kita bisa lepas dari lingkaran reinkarnasi yang terjadi ini. Dan kasian banget jiwa seseorang yang belum bisa lepas dari lingkaran reinkarnasi itu, apa gak capek ya? hahaha.

Kepercayaan yang masih di anut di salah satu negara di Asia Tenggara,Thailand, memang masih begitu kentalnya akan budaya dan kebiasaan terhadap suatu pertanda di lingkungan sekitar mereka. Mereka menganggap semua orang adalah hasil akhir reinkarnasi, lebih hebatnya lagi bahwa tidak hanya manusia,akan tetapi juga hewan. Secara tidak langsung masyarakat thailand itu sangat menghargai peran binatang juga dalam kehidupan sehari-hari mereka. Karena mereka berasumsi bahwa kelak mereka pun bisa ber-reinkarnasi menjadi binatang.

Yang menjadi pertanyaan besar adalah mengapa setelah mereka bereinkarnasi namun tidak ingat terhadap kesalahan yang dilakukan masa lalu nya?Lalu kapan manusia itu dapat memperbaiki nya? Ya entahlah, itu mah buat yang percaya aja. Gue cuman mencoba buat memahami sama mikirin kalo gue ternyata memang reinkarnasi dari orang atau binatang.

Gak usah digubris, diatas itu cuman coretan seorang yang gak mempelajari tentang kitab tersebut. Anggaplah cuman coretan bego yang asal nuangin pikiran kedalam tulisan aja.


"If you do not like swimming, why are you still staying in a pool?"

Simple analogy which declare about why we should be living in our "referred" way. The only key you are having maximal is "Liking". When you feel do not like with swimming then you keep staying it on, do you enjoy in it? In this context we are talking that "swimming" is one of subject in the passage of 3rd level Senior High School curriculum, not as far as this caption about "swimming" , i think you will never be enjoying while you stay in the pool. Feel trapped in the thing what i never expected before, is not what am i wanting at the past. Why I still stay in a pool? in this story i am not able to swim as best, but i can not leave from this pool at this time. Such there is a regulation from our "swimming coach" says "Everybody has to spending 1 hour for swimming attempt as best". Yes, as always that student have to obey what coach or teacher's said.

The compulsion is fix to be existed when you live in the "under regulation" place. I follow the school rule especially follow what the regulation it self, specifically follow what the teacher said. I must be finishing my time first then i move on from this area, the area what i never want. But the destiny is still destiny, there is no one can change what my destiny.

I am shock when i looked my friend who has been succeed in particular thing what majority's people want, he was graduated from Business Management School, Bandung Institute of Technology. Then he also been graduated from Master of International Management at Bournemouth University UK. And he was getting excellent in his Career at the one of the greatest Airline Company in Indonesia. But right now he decided to quit their job continuing school at BIFA (Bali International Flight Academy). It was slapping me to remind that Passion is the top of people's life. If you still have time to pursue your real destiny, just keep your ambition up.

Live my life with full of ambition. But if i do think sooner about the separation between "dream" and "reality" is so thick, or perhaps that dream is not appropriate to be realized. What about if you had dream able to live in the moon without additional equipment? Yes sure, as an alien who able around the universe freely. Might be that dream can be realized, but is that hard much for getting real, right? Like we have so many questions to God, why we are created to be able for imagining? Or this is an opportunity for human who would never be obtained something as imagined before? But my ambition still exist what was being to be happened in the front. I imagine that someday i live in the department which i really passionate with, i do not need to be rich, i do not need to be popular. I just think when i sightseeing in the tourism place such as Malioboro, there are many people who worked as Painter, if we though that how much income for them, it incredible to believe. How can people stay worked to be Painter if they had so many chances to get better Job which can give them much more income? Then i realized what they want is not just about money. They choose to get pleasure in their job although they only get not as much as people want beside they should pretend to love something even give better income to them to be conducted. I do appreciate whom dare challenging this hard life about money while everybody pursue to be billionaire.

As what am i getting right now when i do not even passionate what am i majoring in, nor even i study in the best University in this country. I believe time would be answered what God was preparing to me.