See You on Top !

The difference between learning in the Top School or not is just about ambience.

Never expect that i will get friend which are very strong in all aspects. Among smart, diligent, clever, struggle, genius, effort, perfection, competitive, insomnia, fast learner, like to learn, wide minded, certain goal. Most of them who were asked by me, they have a certain purpose for reach their dream, it is inline with my thought. And all of them give different ambience in school. They have a dream to get into World Top University also, it makes me feel so pleasure to converse about Top University, at least it will give some spirit to reach our dream. As what i have researched of their University, most of them want to get Great Britain located university such like manchester, oxford and etc.

I imagine that someday when we all accomplished our mission to achieve our own dream University, we will meet up in the other city at the other country. Such like Paris, or London, or New York, or Frankfurt, or Manchester, or Oxford, of Cambridge, etc. We share a lot of experience while studying, it is like so much happier to listen super awful experience about them. We can meet in the one coffee house at the evening on the almost finished winter season, hospitalized by hot chocolate and fireplace around, we sit in the front of glassy room which can see entire the vicinity of Paris, and we all able to holding hand one another. Wearing a winter cloak model with bringing smartphone in our hands to capture every moment at that time.

Everyone must share from very little thing about the condition of their campus, the condition of their dormitory or even the personal feel when they are studying there. They have to bring one souvenir to be switched with one's souvenirs from their own place be stayed. Bring Uno and Uno stack as what we have been playing until right now while we meet, seeing pictures and videos when we were in University of Indonesia. Reminiscing the nostalgic of our hard session in graduate school, remembering our bad habit in previous school and many stories. We laugh out one another. And I believe it all will happen next two or three years later.

After first meet up session has been done, the second session will be held 3 years later after our post graduate graduation. When we have been achieving what our real dream to become, when we have reached our dream. It will be held in Milan. Some of them have married with one and another still pursue. They who have created family, brings the whole of family member to be gathered. This is be held when summer come at milan, we are fully dressed with our own professional job uniform. Any people who worked as Diplomat and wearing black coat. They who worked as Pilot wearing Pilot uniform, they who worked as Consultant wearing uniform what they usually wear. The contains of conversation will be a bit different with previous meet up, we are talking about world economics, talking about indonesia's achievements and etc.

See You on Top, fellows.

What I hate the most is separation

Dear God,

Why you create separation between us? Why? Why does? Why did?

And i hate it.

Honestly, I am as a man never cry because of something which is happen in my life. I am strong enough.
But May 5th 2014 everything has changed. My super beloved aunty (Mrs Bekti Prihatin) has gone.
Until right now, it is hard for me to accept it, i do not know.

As you know my beloved aunty who always we called "Mamah" is like my second mom. She was always give the best when she treated me, even before she has got married, she was always positioning herself as my mom. At the past when i was in high school, when i could not go to school by my motorcycle, she always bring me to school. She prepared all of breakfast, even though she did not prepare it by her self. At 6 o clock she and I go to somewhere to get our breakfast, as I want, usually she brought "Bubur" which is located quite far from our house and need to ride motorcycle to get it. Do not you guys? 2 next house from our house is an exist "Bubur Seller", but mamah want to get the most delicious "Bubur" in our kecamatan. After she got the food, we are together having breakfast at home with Dea. After that, she brought me to my school. When weekend has come, buying breakfast is my task. As how she was teach me that always give the best for everybody, I should go to somewhere to get the most delicious breakfast. She is humble and always cheers up every day. I never see her at the sad moments, she loves shopping, she loves eating, she loves hang outs. And I am the part of her. She always ask me to get some where she wants. I always accompany her when she goes every where. She always took my "Raport" when the semester has ended.

Dea was included by her in the most bonafide elementary school in my kecamatan, from 1st grade dea also was included into "Les" in my home town, and Usually i am who take care her when Dea get to school and going to "Les". It is few rather people who including 1st grade of elementary school student into les, but mamah did it to Dea. Mamah always give the best, always give the best. When we were hanging outs, mamah tries to find the best meal for us, mamah find the best clothes for us, yes for me and Dea. She treated me as her son also.

And do not you know? mamah has gone when she was finding out the breakfast. How glorious you are mamah. Because of an accident you were lost, you were lost.

May 5th 2014 destroy me, at the morning near 7 AM, my dad called me. My position in my office and i barely get office at that time and i was getting my breakfast. My dad cried, and I am confused. "What happened dad?" i said. "Your beloved aunty has gone", he said. And my heart broken, my soul was crying, my brain was confused, and I speechless. Everybody asked me "What happens, fik?" they said. And I just tell "My beloved aunty has gone". I am still speechless. I cannot say something, such like thunder was hitting me. I am still thinking. And I do not know what my felt at that time. After i get not strong enough, i go to Toilet. But before i get into toilet, even when I leaving my office room, my tears was dropped. Literally dropped. And I ran to toilet, then i cry at the most. Yes, i cried at the most.

At 9 AM i have permitted to all of my fellow for getting back home at that time. And i directly went to Airport, although i did not get the Ticket, I do not care. I must to meet her at the last time. And my heart cried all along. Finally i got the ticket at 12 AM flight. After i touchdown in solo, my cousin was waiting me. And i force him to drive faster, drive faster. I need to get her before she was buried. And after i get home, i ran to find out, and I am late.

I saw Aron was together with his GrandMa, when i touched Aron then my Tears dropping. i can not strong to see him. How I love you Aron and Dea, I really loving you as how your mom was treating me.
I do not know, I do not know, I do not know.
So many life experiences together with you, mamah. I could not share everything about you, might be it will spend thousands word for telling your goodness.

After almost 1 month, barely i brave to call Dea. yes barely. She is strong enough, she is like nothing happen, or may be Dea was understand about this condition. Please teach me how to be strong, Dea. While i called you, you did not know that my tears was dropped. I hide my feel in the front of you, i cried to the max. Until Right now i create this article, my tears still drops.

Christie Medhea Putri and Aron Barussi Anung Hanandito, you both are awesome. When your mom has gone, you can through your life.

May be I am not as strong as you both Dea and Aron. And I love you so, I love you so.
I promise, i will always loving you. I will always loving you.