EDS University Of Indonesia

At the gloomy afternoon when i was reading article,then there is a new number of phone texting me.

08569765**** : Congratulation,you are accepted in EDS UI. %$%^##%$#&*(

#shock. #happy #dream #achievement
OMG finally i was accepted in EDS UI after so tight selection that has been held by EDS committee.
Actually i have many reasons to register myself in UI and finally accepted, yes sure, it is about EDS. The most prestigious organization in University of Indonesia.

OK i will tell you what is EDS it self. EDS is acronym of English Debating Society. The organization which was spawn the best Debater in Indonesia and improved so many achievements in Indonesian Debating championship.EDS always selecting the best prospective member as candidate -the greatest ones- to come forward the legend of EDS member achievements. I will tell you my experiences during EDS selection.

At very first time EDS open recruitment has been held, at that time I texted the committee for getting the complete information about EDS selection rule. Then I prepare all of them about the rule and regulation requirement to ensure that i must be accepted in EDS. Then the time is running out.

September 18th, 2013 in EDS twitter announced that Interview session will be held at 9AM-5PM. With any considerations even though I really got lazy to move from my bed on early. hahaha. But only because of EDS interview session then I woke up and ready to go to campus. Right after I was in UI's Library I used bike to go to Pusgiwa (Pusat Kegiatan Mahasiswa), if you guys know, Pusgiwa is located in the sub urban campus that so far range from campus center. Then i met the interviewer from 2010 batch (Maybeee).

Interviewer has begun to speak in Pusgiwa.
I: &^%^&%*&*^&
M: OK, actually I am beginning all of my talent in news casting.
I: So, why do you want to join Debate?
I: Oke, let you choose one topic and directly you have to deliver your speech by your idea.
M: Well, I chose Marijuana Legalization , I proposed that %^&%^%^$%^$&%^#$#%$##%$%^%
I: Very great. Then you should create an essay as the whiteboard above.

Fiuhhh, so tired and shock when I knew that everybody who held interview has very great speech. So great, OMG they are my enemy to grab the chair of to be EDS member.
Here I give you my essay which has been breaking to become an EDS member. I created in the middle night of day.
I choose topic which fascinated me about 


Military Intervention in Syria

Peaceful demonstration from the low level society in several provinces of Syria, stimulate the security forces for oppressing the demonstrant until killed thousands society. The oppression makes a new problem in Syria by disagreement of security forces oppressed their own society.  The other society who is still alive creates a rebellion toward their own government to sue government for responsible what was occurred in Syria. The society could not accept with the thing that actually happen already in their country. So the society sue the President of Syria (Bashar al-Assad) to retire from his position which has been held on 5 decades.
I propose that military intervention from countries which are located in the vicinity of Syria should handle Syria rebellion which has occurred. We can see on how the conflict comes to internal country and impacted to all society. Before many more people could become victim of security forces, we have to create a new priority for surviving the society who is still alive. When one country has happened conflict already, then the conflict is coming from security forces and their own society, how can the government make sure that the society will be safe if the killer is their own security? how can people get peace if the thing (security) who has a job to always keep them safe, then finally break them down?
Military intervention from another country is needed. Pro and contra of supporter Bashar al-Assad makes society find new supporter for pro and contra side. The condition is being aggravated when Bashar al-Assad provokes Goaln hill to open the way for Palestine security to help Bashar. We can imagine how hard to be Syria’s society when their own president could not bring the condition become better. Society was impacted in mentality, fearness and untrustworthy. Society need to get out from the bad area, society need to get the betterment of themselves. Military intervention becomes a hero of human mentality distraction there, at least there’s people who can ensure them to be safe, can make sure them okay to through the destruction together. Self-defending can not be handled by society that under distraction condition. Military intervention increase mentality power of civilian, and that is the prime privilege of having military forces. Every civilian want to be free, having life normally. The biggest impact of civil war in Syria is mentality down by all of circumstances. When the society agreed the retirement of Assad position, but the regulation of president could not defeated.
Military intervention from other country  in Syria is needed caused military in Syria itself whom prefer in to dispute of President. President has violated the human right by freedom of speech in their country. So many countries which send volunteer to protect the human right violation. The result of this case actually that the condition should follow any decision from their own society, if majority of society has not believed to their own president anymore, then president should be fallen.

Haha, i love you EDS UI, I am ready to go because We debate. We kick asses. We break legs. We blow minds.  

Pathetic daily conversation

Well,so much times i have learned about how to describe this world.So contradict beetween my alter ego and myself. Then conversation coming up.

E: shiiit,what are you looking for?
T: perfection.what was so wrong of my self to looking for the thing that everybody's want.
E: have you ever known that no body/thing perfect?
T: pretty sure.
E: so?
T: should i explain what i have not to explain?
E: i am sure do know that you cannot explain what am i asking for.
T: Well,when stupid logic coming up to you with your worst question about.Perfection is nothing,and we do believe that.That was be the biggest factor that turn me to improved every single thing what i had. Than if you have already known that perfection is nothing,dont you want you get the best of your self?
E: hhhmmmm......
T: Perfection in social paradigm is getting perfect in every single groove in your own. Doesnt your notion is prove to us that you have been surrendered?
E: holly shit talking about.
T: just enjoy your life,while you still choke a wine during hike a mountain.
E: is there a people can enjoy their life when they hike a mountain?
T: i am the people who always enjoy my life to achieve the peak of mountain.so i get both of them,pain and happiness.
E: ok,i will,but i won't to get pain.
T: then you will never get happiness.


child memories of biggest dream

Dear God,

I will,i will open your biggest secret of my life gradually.

When several days ago i look my senior up to study in this university,my curiousity has been awaken to know completely.I remembered that many years ago i dreamt that will enter in Harvard University.Now,i dare to hang my dream on so high.There's no reason for me to not get everything what i want.

Master of International Relation of Harvard University.I will break you soon.

Aku adalah masa kecilmu


Nafasku menjadi tidak menentu dengan mata sayup sayup dalam kegelapan.Sangat gelap.Disaat itu dalam posisi tertelungkup akupun langsung meraba tangan ku,memastikan bahwa tak ada yang lecet sedikitpun.Terkilir rasanya saat itu tangan kiri ku saat ku pegang.Sakiit memang,tapi dengan sedikit pijatan yang kuarahkan langsung pada sendi siku bagian bawah membuat lengan itu menjadi lebih baik.Tangan kananku mulai memastikan organ vital lain nya,yaitu dada.Hembusan nafas tak beraturan mulai keluar sedikit demi sedikit dari mulut ini,terasa ada sesuatu yang cukup berat yang menghalangi jalannya pernafasan yang ada di dalam paru-paru ini.Mencoba mengatur nafas,kuhirup udara sebanyak banyak nya,udara yang tak tahu udara apa entah oksigen ataupun nitrogen yang kudapat,kumulai melepaskan sedikit demi sedikit udara tersebut.Sambil ter engah aku mulai membuka mata.Namun semua gelap,kucoba membuka mata selebar lebarnya,namun masih tetap gelap.Aku coba menyentuh lantai dimana ku pijak berkontur sedikit kasar dan berpasir.Kucoba merangkak untuk mencari tambatan disisi kanan kiri ku namun tak ada.Kucoba cari benda disekitarku dan lagi lagi tak ada.Tak ada makhluk lain di sekitar sini,sunyi dan senyap.

"Oh Tuhaaaan,apakah Engkau memberikan kebutaan pada mata hamba?" air mata menetes bersamaan dengan deru tangis yang menggelora dalam isi jiwa.

"Tempat macam apa ini",seruku dalam hati.Tak ada satu pun benda yang kutemukan di sini.Jangankan benda,sepertinya tempat ini tak ber-ruang.Bagaimana aku tak bisa menemukan dinding sekalipun itu terbuat dari kayu yang sudah lapuk.

"Apa salahku?mengapa?mengapa ini semua terjadi padaku?" kumulai mengerang dengan tangan mengepal dan menampikan kepalanku pada tanah yang sedang kupijak ini.Tetesan air mata menyentuh pipi hingga leherku.

"Ibundaaaaaaa,ayahandaaaaaaa,tolonglaah anakmu ini.Dimanaa engkau berada?",sambil dahi ku menyentuh tanah ini,bersujuuud,baru kali ini aku bersujud secara intens.Tangisanku tak ada hentinya,meratapi semua keadaan,bahkan akupun tak tahu seperti apa keadaanku saat itu,aku pun tak tahu keadaan di sekelilingku.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk" ku menjerit sekeras kerasnya,Akupun tersadar bahwa ayah dan bunda ku jauh berada di dimensi tempat yang lain.Di tempat yang harus berhari-hari aku menempuhnya.

Entahlah berapa lama aku harus menyadari semua ini,menyadari bahwa hidupku ini menjadi sangatlah gelap.
Sekarang aku menjadi tahu bagaimana menjadi orang buta,menjadi orang yang tidak dapat melihat.Namun,apakah ini hanyalah kebuataan pada mata?lalu bagaimana keadaan sekitarku yang hampa?

"Ahh",kutapakkan tanganku pada tanah,kucoba berdiri tanpa tambatan,keseimbangan yang sulit kutakhlukan.Dua kali aku terjatuh,menghela nafas sedikit,belajar menyeimbangkan tubuh atas 2x kegagalan yang terjadi sebelumnya.Kaki kanan mencoba menapak dengan bantuan dua tangan yang sudah menopang kaki itu.Kini kusudah berdiri dengan tangan seakan-akan menggerayang di sekitarku.Tanpa alas kaki,kaki kananku mencoba menapakkan satu langkah ke depan bersamaan dengan tanggan yang tiada henti-hentinya menerka-nerka sesuatu.Hingga limapuluh tiga langkah ke depan pun masih belum ku temui benda apapun.Saat langkah ke limapuluh empat ku pijakkan,aku merasakan kaki menyentuh sesuatu yang cukup becek. "Air...", dalam gumamku.Saat itu juga aku berfikir di tempat apakah aku ini?apakah aku sedang berada di tepi pantai?namun tak ada suara ombak,dan apapun.Apakah aku sedang ada di savana yang luas?atau aku sedang didalam gurun?Tanpa kusadari aku mencoba melangkah tiga langkah lagi.Badan mulai kubungkukkan,aku gabungkan telapak tangan bagian kelingking ku sejajarkan dan ku cembungkan sedikit kedua telapak tanganku.Tanpa pikir panjang tanganku langsung menyiduk air yang tingginya hanya 2cm itu.Pelan-pelan kucoba ambil air itu,supaya tidak keruh,meskipun aku tak tahu apakah air itu memang keruh atau tidak.Ku dekatkan kepala ku sambil menunduk mendekati tanganku,bibirku yang sudah kering ini tak kuasa mengambil alih air tersebut bahkan hal itu kulakukan berkali kali.Setelah dahaga sudah mulai beranjak hilang,akupun mulai berjalan kembali dengan lebih hati-hati.Keadaan yang berair tersebut sangat fatal bila aku terpeleset didalam nya terlebih dalam keadaan buta.Langkah demi langkah ku tepiskan,sudah cukup lama ku berjalan menyusuri tempat ini,namun masih tak menemukan dinding untukku bersandar atau sebagai sedikit petunjuk.Saat aku berjalan menyusui tempat itu,aku hanya membayangkan, "Mungkin ini adalah suatu tempat yang indah,beruntunglah wahai kawan yang dapat melihatnya" itu saja gumamku dari tadi sembari menghibur perasaan gundah ini.
Langkah demi langkah di tempat yang sangat lembab ini,tak ada suara angin,udara seakan tak bergerak dari tempatnya,hingga ku memijak sebuah kerikil kecil di telapak kaki kiri.Kuambil lah kerikil itu,dan semakin bertanya tanya pada benakku," tempat apakah sebenarnya ini? Masa bodohlah..",pikirku.Cukup lelah memang berjalan seperti keadaan sekarang ini.Tepat 5 langkah dari kerikil yang aku injak tadi aku menemukan tembok,ya tembok.Namun bukanlah tembok seperti di rumah-rumah yang aku bayangkan,bukanlah tembok seperti di kastil-kastil yang aku pikirkan,setelah kuraba-raba mungkin tembok tersebut tidak beraturan,kasar seperti bebatuan kecil yang di tumpuk pada suatu tempat.

"Apakah ini adalah dasar dari sebuah tebing?" , ujarku.

Tangan kiriku mulai mengikuti jalan dari dinding tersebut,aku berjalan ke arah kanan dari saat ku pertama menemukan tembok itu,atau apalah itu.Seakan akan tembok tersebut berbentuk seperti tiang namun dalam diameter yang sangat besar,sehingga aku berjalan seperti setengah lingkaran yang cukup besar.

"Apa itu?..",dalam hati ku bertanya setelah aku melihat sesorot cahaya yang kecil dari kejauhan.Posisi cahaya itu datang dari atas,seperti cahaya yang muncul pada genteng yang bocor.

"Apakah Tuhan memberiku rejeki dengan dapat melihat cahaya itu?ataukah ini hanyalah imajinasi yang tercipta dalam benakku?",dalam otak ku bertanya-tanya.

Kulepaskan pegangan ku pada tembok yang melingkar itu,kuarahkan langkah ini pada cahaya itu.Setelah mendekat,aku semakin membelalakkan mata ini.

"Bukankah aku buta?Lalu kenapa aku bisa melihat cahaya ini?" ,dalam benakku bertanya.

Tepat di hadapanku cahaya itu,cahaya yang muncul dari sebuah lubang,lubang yang berada tiga meter diatas ku.Beruntunglah aku melihat cahaya itu,dan ternyata aku tidak buta.

"Terima kasih Tuhan atas rahmat yang Kau berikan",ternyata aku tidak buta.Mungkin aku sedang berada di dalam suatu Goa yang sangat panjang dan lebar.

Aku mendekat kepada cahaya itu,ternyata dibalik cahaya itu ada tembok,mungkin ini adalah ujung dari tempat ini.Ada anak tangga lokasinya berada 1 meter dekat dengan lubang diatas itu,anak tangga yang sangat rapuh,kusam,dan sudah berumur.Sepertinya anak tangga tersebut sudah bertahun-tahun tidak digunakan.Semangat ku semakin menggelora terlebih ada anak tangga yang bisa menyelamatkan ku dari tempat ini.Kupasangkan anak tangga tepat di sebelah lubang itu.Dengan hati-hati kupijakkan kaki ini pada anak tangga pertama,tiga meter itu cukup tinggi bila tidak menggunakan anak tangga,setinggi atap kamar kita sendiri.Karena tanah dibawah bercampur dengan air,mungkin anak tangga ini tidak dapat stabil menopang badan ku ini.

"Kreeekkk", dan benar pikiranku bahwa satu anak tangga yang tepatya ada di paling bawah patah.Jatuh lah aku dengan keadaan becek dan kotor semua baju dan tanganku.Aku berfikir keras dan berdoa semoga minimal hingga anak tangga ke 5 yang tingginya sekitar 2 meter tidak ada kayu yang patah lagi.Mungkin tadi karena aku terlalu bersemangat untuk lekas keluar dari tempat ini.Diatas aku melihat langit berwarna biru,biru yang dihiasi dengan awan tipis yang bergerak dengan cepatnya.Satu langkah hati hati kusematkan pada anak tangga kedua,hingga anak tangga ke 5.Syukurlah tanganku sudah bisa menggapai mulut lubang yang berdiameter sekitar 70cm tersebut.Lubang itu memang cukup kecil untuk dilalui seseorang.Sangat kecil.
Kuraih dengan tangan kananku bibir lubang itu,sedikit demi sedikit ku kurangi tekanan ku pada anak tangga yang sedang ku pijak itu.

"Hahahaha,@#!#&!#%^!%!#$",suara kegembiraan dan keriuhan dari luar sana,semakin membuatku semakin semangat.Kepalaku masukan terlebih dulu dalam lubang itu,kurasakan angin yang semilir lembut,kuarahkan mataku ke atas,kunaikan sedikit kepalaku hingga mataku bisa melihat apa yang terjadi disekitarku.

"Luaaarrr biasaaaaa",gumamku dengan senyum merekah.

Kuangkat badanku hingga keluar dari lubang itu,dan sekarang tinggal kaki ku yang masih belum terangkat.Itu karena aku masih takjub dengan keadaan yang kulihat saat itu ditemani dengan cahaya matahari yang cukup menghangatkanku.Aku tak percaya,aku tak pernah melihat orang-orang seperti ini.
Dari kejauhan ada anak laki-laki berumur sekitar 7 tahun berlari mendekat ku dan dengan wajah yang sangat ceria.Kulihat anak itu membawa sebuah tas kecil berwarna coklat yang akupun tak tahu apa isinya,setelah dia mendekat dengan senyum termanis nya dia menjulurkan tangannya.

"Ayo kak,pegang tanganku", ujarnya.Namun akupun masih belum sadar ada anak kecil yang sangat terawat,bersih dan tampan ini berlari mendekatku.

"E e e h iya",ujarku.Langsung kuraih tangannya,dia berusaha membantuku untuk keluar dari lubang itu.Dan akhirnya seluruh tubuhku bisa beranjak dari lubang gelap tadi.

"Terima kasih nak",ujarku dengan senyum termanis ku.Wajah lelah,kotor dan capek pun tidak bisa kusembunyikan,dengan sigap anak itu membuka tas cokelat tadi yang ternyata berisi 1 botol air putih.

Anak itu hanya tersenyum dan memberikan botol itu kepadaku.

"Minumlah dulu,kau sudah berlari-lari alangkah baiknya bila kau minum terlebih dahulu",anak kecil itu langsung mengambil minuman itu dan hanya seteguk yang ia minum,betul.Hanya seteguk dan tidak lebih.Seberapa banyak satu tegukan anak berumur 7 tahun? Dia tidaklah haus,mungkin dia benar-benar tahu bagaimana cara menghargai seseorang.

"Habiskanlah kak",ujarnya sambil tertawa.Mungkin dia menertawakan bahwa kenapa aku bisa sekotor ini.Tanpa pikir panjang aku langsung menghabiskan air yang sudah di tawarkan anak kecil itu kepadaku.Sembari aku menghabiskan air,anak itu menyiapkan sesuatu didalam tas nya.

"Ini kak,kakak ganti baju di belakang semak itu,disitu tidak ada orang,dan disitu juga ada sedikit air untuk membasuh wajah kakak",ujarnya.

Diantarnya aku ke semak itu,dan kubasuh semua wajah dan bagian tangan serta kaki ku yang kotor ini.Lalu kutanggalkan baju dan kupakai baju pemberian anak itu.Pas sekali ukurannya,tidak kebesaran dan juga tidak kekecilan.Lalu kutanya anak itu, "Siapa namamu nak?",tanyaku lembut. "Kakak tak mengenali ku?aku dewa kak",jawabnya.

Aku berfikir dalam benakku bahwa hanya satu nama dewa yang ku kenal yaitu adik kecilku yang masih berumur 1 tahun.Apakah dia itu adalah bidadara kecil yang turun dari surga yang bernama dewa?atau kah dia itu memang dewa?Entahlah dalam pikirku.

Dewa tiba-tiba lari seperti sedang bersembunyi dengan melihat orang yang ada di belakang tembok putih besar itu.

"Tembok putih besar,tembok macam apa itu?",gumam ku.Sedari tadi suara riuh kebahagian terdengar namun hanya ada dewa seorang.Aku mulai mendekat ke tembok besar itu,lalu dewa berkata "Kak,jangan keras-keras,nanti ketahuan",ujarnya sambil mendekatkan jari telunjuknya ke bibirnya.

"Oh iya kak,aku hanya berpesan kepada kakak,berlarilah sekencang mungkin kak",ujarnya kembali.Dan akupun sama sekali tak mengetahui maksud dari apa yang dewa ucapkan itu.

Dengan rasa penasaran,ku tengok di balik tembok besar itu.Ternyata adalah orang-orang yang kulihat pertama kali aku keluar dari lubang tadi.
Aku heran, "Apa maksud dari semua ini?".Orang-orang berlarian sambil membawa buku tebal,orang-orang berlari menuju suatu pintu gerbang.Pintu gerbang itu berwarna-warni dan ukurannya seperti gerbang menuju istana Kepresidenan.gerbang itu pun berbentuk sangat elegan,bersih,tinggi dan didalam nya putih.
Saat hendak bertanya kepada dewa,ternyata anak kecil itu sudah lari menjauh dari ku dan ternyata mereka sedang bermain dengan kawannya.

Aku mendekat ke salah satu gerbang yang berwarna merah,betul sekali warna merah.Aku melihat di pintu gerbang ada sebuah Alat yang sangat canggih seperti timbangan namun sangat modern.
Semua orang yang akan masuk ke gerbang tersebut haruslah ditimbang dulu badan nya.Bukan berat nya namun adalah Kemampuan dan kepribadiannya.Akupun terkejut. "bagaimana bisa ada timbangan yang menimbang kemampuan dan personalitas seseorang?bagaimana ada manusia bisa menciptakan hal tersebut?",ujarku dalam hati.
Mereka berlari-lari menuju gerbang yang mereka inginkan.Mereka sambil berdoa,berdoa agar dapat masuk di gerbang tersebut .Seolah olah mereka tak ada yang tahu keberadaanku,"Apakah aku semu?"ujarku dalam hati.Orang lain pun menangis-nangis ketika ia tak lolos dari timbangan.
Aku coba masuk gerbang itu tanpa syarat apapun lalu aku melihat orang-orang lari mengejar mimpinya,mereka seakan tahu apa yang ada tepat di depan matanya,mereka bahkan tahu apa yang mereka lakukan,tak ada yang berjalan santai.Hanya aku yang berjalan,berjalan tanpa ada beban.Luar biasa pikirku dengan semua kemajuan jaman seperti sekarang ini memanglah mereka berlari sekencang mungkin,semua perusahaan memberikan produk-produk terbaru da termutakhir demi meraih pelanggan terbanyak.

Sekarang mungkin aku tersadar bahwa dewa menyuruhku agar,agar aku berlari meraih mimpiku,meraih apa yang aku cita-cita kan.Sungguh anak kecil yang sangat membuat hatiku tergetar.Aku pun duduk dilantai termenung memikirkan apa yang telah aku lakukan selama ini hanyalah berjalan dengan santai.Dan aku sadar didalam kegelapan yang aku temui tadi adalah suatu pembelajaran bagiku untuk perjuangan keras hidupku.

Dan saat itu aku ingat anak kecil bernama dewa tadi,kuhampirinya dia di tempat bermain tadi.
Di kejauhan dia terlihat lelah bermain dengan kawan nya,aku langsung duduk di depannya sambil mengusap kepalanya "Dewa,tolong kasih tau,dimana sekarang kakak berada",tanyaku kepada nya.

"Di dimensi waktu 14 tahun yang lalu",jawabnya.

"Apa maksudmu?",tanyaku sembari kaget mendengar jawabannya.

"Aku adalah masa kecilmu",jawab Dewa

Taufik Fitriyanto

Why do you choose to be introvert?

Being introvert or extrovert is not choice,people has born with their own basic education from their own circumstances.Character has been built by people who shaped them to be.Whether or not being introvert for me so hard to be,when i was choosen be introvert and ignorance occure in my soul inside.Sometimes my alter ego comes in the right place,but sometimes in the wrong place.Actually i dont need to be extrovert forever,since i have my alter ego who can face the condition that really needed.But that was so hard my alter ego hand me over all of my body to face the world.Should i pretend to be extrovert?not pretend,but i struggle to replace my introvert.Am i wrong to be introvert?no no no.That is just about social paradim to look introvert such an idiot,cool,arogant and etc.Introvert people does not like you sees guys.We are created like this and could not change my basic character to be extrovert.We do so hard to communicate to our circumstances,so hard.It is not about that we are arogant or pretending to be cool people,this is just the way we are.
Introvert only need to be alone sometimes,we dont even can open the new conversation with the stranger people.Introvert only need to be noticed first by the people around them.When you ask them to open conversation first,condition will be worse.Introvert does not like to be forced.The appresiation that you will give to them only more attention,nothing more.Privacy is the most important thing for introvert,dont you even ask to their privacy cause they believe that privacy just burdening their friends,only introvert who can keep privacy up.Social paradigm sees introvert as unsucessfull people,but we can see how many introvert people achieved to be success.
Well,i still and always gratitude to God that still giving me a great life and great opportunities to get everything what i want.And being introvert does not matter for me cause i have my alter ego who always support me in the bad condition.And he always accompany,understanding and ensure everything to be worthed.When introvert need to be alone,actually they dont really feel lonely cause they can enjoy the emptiness,they can enjoy the loneliness,they have a lot of imaginations to be conducted,they have an alter ego who always accompany them,they never affraid in the darkness,they keep raised up their own destiny,they do not even fear the complicated life.
Alter ego always help us in fragile condition,they can take over to be.Each alter ego has different characteristic and capabilities who can manage something.Thanks God for compeleting me by giving my great alter ego with very different character.
Please understanding me,understanding us,understanding everybody who have same condition like that over.
We dont need to be famous,we dont need to get adored.


We do believe that crown is the highest level for life curious seeker.

Crown has placed in the above of human head. Everybody can look exactly and completely.
How lucky for people who was granted for wearing Crown as a King. We can see on how hard the people to take over crown from the other enemy that you were encounter. Power is covering and the fundamental thing that actually being the biggest part of grabing the Crown. In the social life, crown is the sign for people who has covering power in the particular area and lead to welfaring their own territory. In the history,we can see that crown isn't hereditary placed for their next generation, but in our ancestor history that we must conquer the people who want grab our territory till we wins the war.
Before move to my next words, I just want to remind you that indonesia has many kingdoms that each of it has separated different goal. Diversity still being the biggest factor to breakdowning in the other side, they are still think that human has a classification (caste) which affect their mind to assassinate the lower caste in the other side. Actually they murder the other kingdom just for grab the power of their society and take over the authority for manage furthermore owned natural resources which has been exist. That's all did and established by king just because they have to survive their own life and all of society who was believing of him.
Yaaa, maybe war the one and the only way to solving and surviving problem after both of kingdom couldn't reach mutual-advantages agreement by them. After we get the champion from the A side, A's King deserved to lead and grab all of the treasure and full authority from the loser side.
How precious Crown. How worth crown for people who wear that.

Sometimes I really want to be a prince who ride the white horse and wearing red cloak and bring arrow in my behind. And I throughout the society and the path of village checking the condition all of my follower. Kind a hero who always care toward their own society. King or prince not only caste nor even label for people who wear Crown, but they have to responsible to make everything in their territory so well.King or prince also leading and managing the whole of aspects to ensure that they still welfaring their own Palace or even society. Welfareness of the society is depends on the president (leader) of the territory to create a new safe and employment opportunities as a life foundation for all of caste. The king also give some teaching for the part of security(army) to ensuring that unpredictable war encounter. King have to manage all of specific side to make Their territory as well.
King is the only people in the past who has same level with president in right now (Republican system). He is having good relation to the other king in the edge of the world. The relation itself should kept off to take agreement of something which can give mutual advantages for each kingdom. I will give you some example what a tangible thing which means mutual advantages.
When kingdom has born in the coastline and they haven't any basic food such as wheat and rice. The kingdom can create a new agreement of cooperation to the other kingdom which has necessary commodity. Agreement could clear when both of them have some feedback each other,and both of them occurring same (quality and quantity) advantages. Everything will not gonna be worse if you don't even create a new mistake and possessing the thing that actually we don't deserves it or the thing that the section isn't give for us anymore. The cooperation inter-kingdom relation not only about commodity,but also about safety each kingdom. They have some agreement to make it very clear in the black over the paper. King is being the greatest way to have relationship and keep it by match their son and daughter to be marry. By this way, the power of the kingdom will extended to the other territory without violence.

By my argument that was written over there, we can take some more education that Crown is not only to be wear, but also in the meaning of Crown has several responsibility to take over and conduct.
Don't only that you have got your crown already then you escape all your responsible, but you have to still keep your responsibility up.

You are the main actor of your own masterpiece film

When the people born with their own each talent,they dont know that they are like to be an actor of the most wonderful movie in theirselves.They act as director and the main actor,why here i said that they are to be a director also?because i justify that the scenario has been created by our almighty but we are who act and establish every activity what we've had.We are the people who authorize all of activities to do,we are the people who can establish anything that our own goals.We can imagine if we watch the movie that main actor always glorified by the director,the main actor always appear in everyside of film,that's give some perspective toward viewer which can makes all of viewers give more notice toward main actor.Main actor always the shinest people which has many capabilities to encounter all of the problems and mistaken which was being to be happen.


We are as director we can set our life as great as champion motivational film or we rule it as dramatic as Drama film.Everything depends on you who was act as your personality.Life is choice,when you take the champion motivational film,may your life as optimist as your thought.But if you rule it as Drama film,you just always get anything that your life as real as drama film.When i was refering to one of film genre,that's depends on my personality.

Every film that has considered was created by human,we can called it masterpiece.We cant discriminate one of genre film that in our side looks so frightening and we blame it like a worse life ever.People has choice to make all of genre being masterpiece cause everybody has various characteristic.And they can choose as good as theirselves to create the best ending or even the bad ending.The story of human are inevitable to confront the dinamic problem.

The balance beetween your director side and main actor side should be inline so the amalgamation of thought and real life as great as expectation.When you colaborating both of special sides,you will get any impression that you are really impresive.Impresivelly isnt look at your self by your own mirror,but the thousands couple eyes will scream to look out that you are the most impressive person.Yeaaah,as great as you are,you can maximizing your genre of your life as best as you did.When you love to handover your life to be a motivational movie and you always doing struggle in every part of your film,you can get any education toward yourselves that Life is never ending to do effort.Because nobody knows what will happen in future,or even how close you are with your Diamond.
I will give you the analogy about achieve your goal,When the people throughout the dark middle night,the people still walk away to find out the bright light.When the people still walk away to looking for the light and they cant being a patient person and the people just stop at this place without any activities,whereas in your near is there any glamming lights that you have looking for,that's picturizing that you dont know how you are really close with your goal eventhough you dont realise that diamond really close with your effort.By this analogy,it is can educate us about constantly walk and do effort without stop till you find out the goal what you want.

Before you have to colouring your genre as your personality,you must create the schets as the main line and boundaring your colour that you will draw.The basic of you act in your film,you have to establishing the scenario to upholding and supporting the best film upcoming.It is really hard to establishing the scenario cause that if you had written down your scenario and your acting not as good as the expectations.

The successful movies that you have done is depend on your big struggle and effort was conducted.Not only as you act to be an actor ,REMEMBER you are as a director also.Director can change the thing that actually has planned before,there are many reasons to switch a particullar scene for a greater result.In the middle hard of distraction life,we will find unpredictable moment that evitable enforced.That's the best time of you to decide every plan that you had written down, it would be counting your level of maturity.When you decide focuse in one way,all the consequences are being accompanying you till the peak of The Mount.You have figured out already everything that you choose.And there is no reason that you will fail to get your goals as your very first plan.May be scenario just the main line of the human way that you were planning for,but you can arrange it much more special than your plan,just think that the obstacles are being the special thing that can give you more special in your film.

Well,the task of director not only directing all of actor to follow any decissions from the scenario or even from  director itself.The Greatest director always keep spying out the intensity of camera.The Director established the perspective of picturization.We can see on how every director give more some touch by the little thing that's called perspective of picturization.I as the people who was always looking film by detail that it can prove if film has many perspective in picturization or even perspective in the stigma.Perspective in the stigma here is when the camera glorifying the actor or the place or the main actor or the enemy or the society or many more.
That's something much more congruent with the real shape of human instinct and stigma.

The collaboration of you are being main actor and being the director is the best your own masterpiece film ever.Because you can decide,establish,act and rule as you want.

Think of the Consequences if you do Nothing

May some people think that doing nothing is the best way to take a rest,that's justifiable enough to agree that's great choice.When the people think that they spending time just for do nothing is the best way to spending their time,In a special case in the future,sometimes they get some regretfulness by theirselves that cannot maximal to do something in right now.That's why our parent said to us that "We must maximize our young age to get as much as we can new experiences.Cause,if you grow older you get hard to get chance about new experience".I'am as youth,Inhale, I really agree with you dad.Youth is the phase of human to jump off to touch the sky.The spirit of youth should waving as flag cause whose again the generation if arent us?
Young period is the  best time to spending time for beneficial activities,maybe we can establish the activity which give us more benefit or even though give us some thing that can decrease our time.Filtering the best one and suitable activities with us to spend our time can decrease your "jobless" in your day and give you more attractive when you met with somebody.

Is there any people who still though that keep silent and stick in one time without any activities.There are many people minding that thats better than doing unBeneficial activities,beneficial here may did that they think should spending money in several activities,yess pretty sure that's the right of human being.Mature has be able to consider where is the true,where is the false.They can separate them based on their own idealism.

We can analyze that how much times that was wasted for a great experience chances supposed to be happen.May be here i just want to share what was lost if i do nothing.

There are many consequences if I do nothing :
1. I dont get any information something currently happen in the world.
2. I get the bad feeling when i was do nothing,like my world is empty.I dont have any feel that I still life.hahaha
3. The time that actually can give me more amazing experience can lost.
4. I dont have a great moment to socialize to my circumstances.
5. Cant develop my ability to makes bettermen for myself.
6. Sacrificing my enjoy-life
7. etc

Actually i have several more about the consequences if i do nothing.And most of them are give me bad affect toward my self or even my own development.

You have a right to choose as you want,do you want to do nothing,or you spending in the other activities.
And the most important here,you have to choose as enjoy as you are.


Indonesia has many cities which are have a special characteristic in each city. Developing country such as Indonesia does not have many great cities which has a lot of storeys building. We do believe that Indonesia is still left behind compared either South East Asian or even Asian's cities in many sectors. Fortunately we have one and the only city in Indonesia which has a "Skyscraper" and the greatest city in every sectors in Indonesia, yeah Jakarta city. I would like to tell you what is the meaning of skyscraper, I take it from Wikipedia.

A skyscraper is a tall, continuously habitable building of many storeys, usually designed for office and commercial use. There is no official definition or height above which a building may be classified as a skyscraper. One common feature of skyscrapers is having a steel framework from which curtain walls are suspended, rather than load-bearing walls of conventional construction. Some early skyscrapers have a steel frame that enables the construction of load-bearing walls taller than of those made of reinforced concrete. Modern skyscrapers' walls are not load-bearing, and most skyscrapers are characterized by large surface areas of windows made possible by the concept of steel frame and curtain walls. However, skyscrapers can have curtain walls that mimic conventional walls and a small surface area of windows.

Burj Khalifa Building ,the tallest building over world 

The skyscrapers building construction is inevitable with strong and mature counted of basic foundation. When architect has failed to establish and assume every step construction activities, it will damage to the oncoming concrete buildings. Stupidity of human being will be proven when something calamity was going to be happened. It's not much different with personality constructions of human being. When the people has many desire in their life they have to confront their conditions. The fundamental power of human if they can frame their mentality as basic power of themselves. How can people still stand up without foots? How can people walk away without legs? The strongest indicator of human being is foots if they wanna do something such run away to take their chances. The people whose have a great foundation like a strong mentality, commitment, effort, etc they feel usual when they meet some pains, desperation, facedown, regret and many bad sides which can break downing human step mentality to confront their hard life, they still stand stick up on their own place. And here I have a lot of reasons why I do agree that skyscraper is really have a deep meaning and have many similarity with human being personality.

I cut off the part of Demi Lovatto lyric Skyscraper Entitled.

I will be rising from the Ground.

Like a skyscraper,like a skyscraper.

The purpose of the part of Skyscraper's lyric is concrete enough to be understood. May be I am the person who is a skyscraper wannabe. Rising from the ground or the lowest we have and strengthen us first before we become in high people such as an official, president, or even director of a company. Build foundation of human personality from the lowest place is like you have to prepare some best matter to collecting the best material to fulfill the empty of your hole ground. And not only you are greatest material that you have had built, but you also have a great strategy to make all of your material and your architectural is counted in a right way to structure.

Storey by storey which has been built have to become a great constructions each storey because that is for strengthening construction from the ground. Like a human that needs something which can shore all up of burden in the constructions above. Human is the part of world-circumstances that was born to uphold the world-life by human own legs. Each human has many differences personalities to make the world still have soul to be upstanding. Each personality has their own frame-bone that can be looked how much confidential, mentality and the other indicator which can be seen as strong personality constructions.

I am as the people who collect my each part of characteristic, my gun is to enhance my personal quality. It can proven by I am whom many challenge activities that I have joined for. And that's all just for improve all of my personality sides to ensure pursuing my aspiration in the future. But everything we couldn't ensure that gonna be as well as our expect. But if we do not have any effort and struggle to do something that can make us to be better person, why don't we try to conduct something? Skyscraper isn't only a great construction that it has to be, but as finishing section of the building must to be great either. That is like a personal inside and outside perspective. It does not matter when the great personality inside is always make a great outside too. If the finishing of building is not really great and looks like a frail glass (looks like not a strong constructed). Pretty much sure that personality inside can give strongest aura which can make it spread out from inside, but if personality outside did not be improved and then people who look at them will not believe that they have great personality inside.

Synchronization inside and outside personality is needed. Human personality management can give some perfection of each human personality.

Finalizing building we can take a look at the building facade, crown and finalization material of the buildings.

The impressiveness of building can be looked from far range of people sight.

When we have built some great personality from inside, we can make all of them look so perfect by you picturize your outside as good as your personality inside. Outside is as important as inside, you have to make it finish.

Yeaahh,i am skyscraper

Street Child Performance

Today just one day which unfortunately I was getting sick, when I started to wake up, I have a bad feeling that i could not reach anything in my surround. Looks like I don't have a strength to do something easy and it makes me feel hurt. Life must go on whether my condition could not support to realize that I am under sick situation.

I began to wake up at 9 AM and i did not do something I was doing regularly. Yes surely I got influenza. At this time I should take a breakfast to eat a slice of bread, but my power should be raised first to make a change to do. But why did I do if I just can not have a seat at this moment, I just got feeling that i should take care my body first.

I do have a sleep for a while till 1.30 PM and I think that I do not take a lunch I will become more sick. Pretty sure I take a bath first before I take a lunch. Feel so creepy when I take a bath with powerless situation. My head such bombed and in the distraction disease. I do know that my body destroys my desire to have a lunch, ya you know what should I do.Lunch, I was become uncontrolled to walk away from my boarding house and I thought that I need some hot spicy noodles. I walk nearby in a rainy day with unable to be controlled body. My foots and legs are paralyzed, and hard to move on. But fortunately I arrived in a Warkop to get my desire, not only desire, this is talking about human necessary. Spicy and hot noodles make me feel better even though I don't taste anything except spicy. I reserved double noodle and Hot orange beverage. Fuck yeaahh my tongue senses a flames around.

But the main idea of I write this diary when I would go to office at 3 PM and everyday I go to my office by bus. My condition still senses paralyzed, I was waiting for a moment to get a bus, finally i entered to the bus with headcache condition. In my journey as a usual that traffic jam is always paralyzing jakarta's vehicle condition. At the moment there is a one person who enter the bus also. And my perspective answered that the man is street child person. Yes my feeling is true. Firstly I look at him, there is no special person character. But when he come to sing, Woooww awesome golden voice I think.Yes I am who was in a bad conditions. He sings Soledad and Take me down entitle. I see in my around, I feel it and I want to cry. haha. I remember with someone who has come to make me feel happily in my life. I miss her so and just time which can answer my pray. In my bad body condition it makes me worse to have some feeling in my mind. The golden voices combined a great song and the situation affirmative to makes me feel so Galau. Yaah why did I say like that if the real condition as dramatic as Indonesian "undefined" movie. haha. Sinetron I mean.

The main idea here why Indonesian government never support talented and awesome street child person. Why did the government do not give a great places to all of street child performer to show they great talent. Is that government never think that many people outside there have a great performer which can make under urban person get a suitable income? Is it fair that great performer just being street child performer if they have a great talent to be improved and to be shown?

I think government provides in a part of their city and provides the facility in the open area to collect many street child performer till they are have a great places to improved their skills.

But mini garden in Jakarta does not exist, how can government provide all of them?

Yah maybe under pleasure person just do cry to realize that they are being careless stakeholder from government.

Maybe government should take an improvement in any sides. Caring to all of their citizen is the best way to have a great city to care.

Hopefully, just hope was coming, no action and no changes.

When the world just become word

Sense the human being and adore all of the created World makes the people take a gratitude much. Even we can touch the real thing which have a texture such a soil. Aggregation of soil shows the most beautiful thing ever. Land, mountain are the proof the creation from our almighty. The world gives us everything as our desire whether we can take it in a good way or we crush something good for egoistic matter.
So impressive when we take a look in the detail particular of little thing, we will never realize that we are already close to something weird in this life.

This is one imagination I myself often get it when I was daydreaming in a moment. I imagine that World is nothing. The contents of world are empty. The Creator of the world is never coming. Once more time I say that I talk about World, not about Earth. How does World do? What are we? What is really happen in the emptiness?

Yes, Emptiness. The most frightening moment when I remember and Emptiness was around on my mind.
Like we wanna have a suicide without any burden.
What does we do?

Ohh my, this really makes me facedown and go down to tell it. Not only to tell it, I really shock when I was get it. Like when I was writing down this article.
Have you ever imagine that you're nothing? Have you ever daydream if your surrounds are empty?

I do not know, I really do not know what i want to tell you more.

Maybe emptiness will be happen when we have died. Maybe the world will be ending their story when we were died.

No no no no....

I don't know what will happen if we don't have a God.
Maybe World just become word for the soul who able know about World word.


Helooo every bodyyyyyy.....................

Finally i've got some reason to build  a stupid sentences here.Firstly i have a point of poem from my facebook subscribtion.I will show the picture of something stupid poem.Let see yaaaa guys

the confusion created when one's mind overrides the body's basic desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately deserves it.
Haha,sounds interesting for me.

Stressfull is condition when the people who didnt catch any thing in their desire and that's makes the people get dissapointed.
When i though much deeply about those kind of words,Inhale,I agree to get that point.
Fundamental point of stress here from the overides mind contrary with the human mental ability to reach their some destiny in their future.Complexity human management of their ownself to take behave and contradict between effort and imaginations.
Naaaah confusions happens when the power of mind couldn't give any great award.Dissapointment go in to their glory life and ruins all of the human mind,and furiously strugling till they(dissapoint) destroy their selves to get their desire.Everything gonna be lose.

No wonder how that every condition was done and was being happen just depends on personal act,right?
The Fairness law untold,seen in the reality of human effort and the result.Comparisson from the human being and human ability just take from the effort by the human it self.
If the people couldnt get their desire and blaming the situation,it doesnt change anything.

Desperately deserves when the condition accept the crowd situation,and human force their mind to take something which cant reach.Rational mind of human being automatically destroyed then.Avoiding the stressfully moment cant downing by relaxing brain such as take a long holiday for quality moment of vacation.Just for forgetting some complicated brain war for a while.After we heal our mind from the complicated situation we can think smartly and rationally.And we ready to take another chances to create a new ending of life with any different way which doesnt tried yet.

Work at the stressful condition couldnt give maximalization result,and harming what a tangible happen in front of you.

Balancing the smart education and vacation makes me better to conquering my life.Because i never think hard for something hard which happen in my self.Gratification coming from when you getting free in everysingle activity what you were done and you dont have any burden.
That's all from me,dont be stress when you meet something complicated happen in your life,just throw away and enjoy the life,Believe me you can get better for your self.


Hay kawan kawan semuaaaaa, #lebay
Gue ada inspirasi lagi nih tentang egois.Ya pasti tau lah ya egois tu apaan,kalo gak tau balik sono ke TK..haha,kagak-kagak becanda doang cuy,tapi kalo mau balik ke TK lagi silahkan yaaa   :P

Egois adalah sebuah sifat yang selalu mementingkan dirinya sendiri dan merugikan orang lain.Contohnya nih ye yang simple-simple aja ,misal nih kalo kita pas masih kecil,temen kita bagi2 kue terus ada salah 1 temen kita yang ngrebut kue kita.Gak fair dong?egois banget yak kalo ada yang kayak begitu,mengambil hak orang lain tanpa paksa.
Atau mungkin ada sifat egois dalam bentuk lain juga,sifat itu ya dimana seseorang tidak mau berbagi kepada orang lain terhadap apa yang ia miliki.Sebenernya sah-sah saja tapi ya egois kali ya punya sesuatu yang banyak tapi buat dia sendiri.

Kadang kita bete juga ya kalo berhadapan dengan orang egois,bagaimana tidak,kita selalu mengalah terhadap sesuatu yang terkadang bisa menjadi hak kita.Tapi gak papa sih egois,yang penting egois tanpa merugikan orang lain.Kalo egois tanpa merugikan orang lain sah-sah saja dan hak dia ya.

Naaah kadang ada orang yang tidak dapat membedakan antara egois dan introvert.Introvert adalah sifat / karakter seseorang yang melakukan semua aktifitasnya sendiri dan ia tak mau membebankan kepada orang lain.Pikiran orang-orang introvert terkadang kita tidak mau melakukan suatu hal,atau terkadang kita tidak pernah mau membebani orang lain karena kita tidak mau di bebani juga.
Nah lohhh udah ngerti belum??
Seorang introvert melakukan apapun sendirian karena mereka tidak mau di campuri urusan nya sama orang lain.Maka orang introvert berfikir win-win solution.

Ada lagi yang cukup konyol yah,yaitu Altruisme.Apasih fik?Gak jelas banget sih Lo?
haha...bentar bentar,ntar lagi gue share kok,kagak sabaran amat dah jadi orang   :P

Altruisme itu ketika orang terlalu mementingkan kepentingan orang lain tanpa mementingkan kepentingan dirinya sendiri.Woooww berlebihan juga ya,kenapa berlebihan?karena disitu tertulis kata "Tanpa".
Berarti misalnya gini dong contoh konyolnya.Misal ya misal,Gue ini altruisme terus gue cuman punya baju 1 ,ada temen gue yang ngerengek2 minta baju gue itu karena dia butuh,terus gue kasih aja gitu?Iyaaaaa mungkin seperti itulah,kalo gak lo cari google deh altruisme yang lebih jelas dan lengkaptuh kek mana.
Menurut gue,altruisme ini juga gak bagus loh.kata "Tanpa" itu loh yang bikin gue bingung,masak ada sih orang yang kek gitu beneran.Padahal sebenernya gak merugikan orang lain loh tapi merugikan dirinya sendiri.

Dan disini gue bingung antara altruisme dan egoisme.Mana yang harus kita pilih?
jangan pilih dua-dua nya..hahahahaha

Kepercayaan saat ini

Ceileee lah ya,jarang2 gue ngepost sesuatu yang cukup berguna nih.
Ini nih fenomena yang terjadi di sekitar kita,apalagi kita hidup di kota metropolitan yang jelas-jelas semakin berwarna sifat dan kepercayaan seseorang.
Sebenernya ini agak serem buat di ceritain tapi ya gimana lagi,ini cuman buat share aja kalo di sekitar kita itu ada sesuatu yang gelap.Gak gelap juga sih fik,apa ya kata-kata yang cocok?
Teuing aah urang teu nyaho.Gak penting juga kalo ngomongin kata-kata yang cocok doang tanpa mengerti makna dari kata itu.
Kepercayaan,yang gue maksud disini tu agama.Agama?tau lah semua orang tentang agama.

Ada yang cukup seru loh fenomena yang ada di sekitar kita ini mengenai agama.Maksudnya fik?
Ahh elaaah nanya mulu lu..hahaha...becanda becanda.

Udah ah serius ah sekarang,dari tadi ketawa mulu.
Oke gue mulai ya.

Jaman sekarang banyak kepercayaan kepercayaan yang muncul di sekitar kita,kenapa kepercayaan baru banyak yang muncul?Ya kan yang namanya percaya itu gak bisa di paksa-paksa,biarkanlah mereka berkarya.Toh kita hidup pada sistem demokrasi,sah sah saja asalkan tidak mengganggu kepentingan orang lain. Tuh udah gue bold italic + underline.Asal tidak mengganggu orang lain,berati jelas dong kalo boleh semua orang punya kepercayaan sendiri?Boleeeehh...Lu mau nyembah patung boleh,asal patungnya jangan di lempar ke muka gue..hahaha.

Naah ada yang unik nih masalah kepercayaan,ada banyaaaaak sekali paham-paham yang dianut oleh manusia di dunia ini,yang deket aja deh jakarta misalnya.Banyak orang jakarta yang menganut paham Atheisme,Radikalisme,maupun Agnostic.
Saya jelaskan dulu maksud dari paham-paham tersebut biar nyambung bacanya dari awal sampe akhir.
Atheisme itu paham yang menganut bahwa mereka adalah orang-orang yang tidak punya agama dan tidak percaya adanya Tuhan.Kok bisa ya?Ya bisa lah,karena mereka terlalu melihat sesuatu dengan Otak nya saja.Memang sih tidak semua kasus bisa di jelaskan dengan otak saja.Otak itu logika yaa maksudnya,bukan organ otak.Mungkin atheisme ini banyak di benci masyarakat sekitar?kenapa di benci?saya juga gak tau kenapa di benci,padahal mereka gak salah apa-apa ya?dia gak merugikan orang lain kok.Dia gak pernah gangguin gue pula.Itulah yang dipikiran masyarakat sekitar kalo melihat ada orang atheis.
Menurut saya sendiri,menurut saya ya menurut saya,camkan itu.Mereka itu tidak harus dihina atau di asingkan dari sebuah lingkungan.Toh mereka juga gak ngapa-ngapain kita kan?

Okee kita lanjut lagi ke Radikalisme,apa maksudnya fik?
Baik kakak gue jelasin ya.Radikalisme yang sering mengatas namakan agama,wowwwww,gimana maksudnya fik?
Kelompok yang menghendaki adanya perubahan,pergantian sistem pada masyarakat hingga semua lapisan,bahkan menggunakan cara kekeasan yang tidak sejalan dengan ajaran Murni nya.Contohnya islam,jelaas sekali di sekitar kita mengenai kasus seperti ini.Saya Muslim,tetapi saya tidak suka muslim yang berkelompok maupun radikal.Banyaaaak sekali kelompok-kelompok islam yang memang cukup populer di kalangan masyarakat,mereka mencoba mencuci otak orang-orang lain dengan iming-iming mati syahid.
Bagaimana bisa orang bisa tahu kalo orang lain mati syahid atau bukan   -_-   .
Eh ada loh kelompok yang menginginkan agar indonesia menjadi negara islam.Tapi gimana ya,kan kita negara Demokratis dan bukan negara sekuler.Sekalipun negara sekuler aku yakiiiiiiiin kalo gak bakal 99% bangsa nya benar-benar 100% memeluk satu agama.Arab aja nih,gak tau ya karena belum pernah kesana,yang mayoritas muslim belum tentu semua nyaaaa muslim.
Terus radikal nya bagian mana?
Radikalnya saat seorang kelompok benar-benar yakin terhadap kepercayaannya tersebut dan mereka mau melakukan apapun demi misi kelompok dan kepercayaan nya itu.  #istighfar fik .
Contoh nya kalo misalnya orang itu percaya kalo mati sahid dengan membunuh orang-orang barat(Non islam) akan masuk surga.Waduh,pemikiran yang dangkal.Emang iya,kalo muka bule-bule begitu non Islam?Terus ngebunuhnya dengan cara mayor lagi kan.Di booom..Kan yang kena gak cuman mereka.
Lagian banyak bule-bule yang muslim loh.Nah looo,lu ngebunuh seorang yang mempunyai agama sama kayak lo,malah mungkin yang dibunuh lebih tinggi derajatnya di Mata Allah.Kan malu ntar yang ngebom malah di neraka..hehehehe.
Udah lah,ya gitu lah yang pasti radikal itu merugikan orang lain dengan cara dia sendiri.
Yang pasti mereka terlalu fanatik terdahap kepercayaannya itu hingga dia mau melakukan semua hal demi kemajuan kelompoknya tsb.Fanatik dalam hal kecil aja gak baik,apalagi yang begituan.

Beralih ke Agnostic,artinya agnostic itu bahwa seseorang mempercayai adanya Tuhan,tetapi dia tidak memeluk agama ataupun melakukan sembahyang sesuai peraturan pada suatu agama.Atau mungkin mereka itu berfikiran bahwa percaya itu tidak harus melakukan ibadah.Gak tau lah pikiran mereka seperti apa.
Agnostic ya cuman percaya doang gitu.

Gak salah sih paham-paham yang ada itu,tapi sesuaikan lah kondisi keadaan dan sistem pemerintahan yang ada di indonesia.Radikal itu tuh yang cukup mengganggu dan mengkhawatirkan masyarakat sekitar.
Apalagi orang indonesia itu banyak yang mudah terhasut omongan orang,ada gosip ini dikit,di gosipin makin abis-abisan.

Yaah beegitulah,kalo gue sih jujur gak suka radikal ya,karena mengganggu banget.Kalo kaum atheis dan agnostic gak mengganggu dan meresahkan masyarakat sekitar gue sih fine-fine aja.

Yang penting kita harus paham kalo kita hidup di negara demokratis dan yang gak mau di ganggu bukan mereka-mereka doang yg punya kepentingan,tapi kita maupun atheis bahkan agnostic sekalipun.
Maka kita harus saling toleransi lah.Nama nya kepercayaan gak bisa dipaksa paksa.
Ok Guys,capek juga ngetik segini.

Besok lanjut lagi ya kalo dapet inspirasi lagi.

Oh ya kalo ada sanggahan silahkan ya,kita sharing bareng disini


Actually we've got paradise already if we realise that freedom is always on your behalf of your soul.Paradise just people's justice.

I take these words from my twitter and absolutelly from my mind.

Every single person have different parameter to get their own paradise.How about the people have different capabilities to take their own pleasure?Is not as easy as you think.
Everybody have different way to get something what they want,who really know about personal necessary ya only theirselves.

Paradise,who are want to get paradise? I think all of people want to get their own paradise.Paradise just the most people destiny cause nobody want to get hell at all.Success,bright future,hapily ever after are the most people want.


Not all human can get the freedom for theirselves,and they are couldnt catch paradise as well.
Even the people who have freedom then,they are didnt sense in the paradise area because they arent realise that they are still in free.So they such in the hell area just because they dont realise that they are in the sweetbright of life.And they are not catch paradise also eventhough they dont have any problem in their life.Conclusion point of here just realise.

Justice here not talking about there's a people give something in the same quantity or quality.
Not like that.
Justice is when the people get balance between effort and result,so that every justice for human are really different.Depend on their effort.

Everybody actually want to get their perfection in their curious thing.But perfection is not ensuring people to get their paradise or their pleasure.Why?because paradise not always perfect.And hard to be perfect person if you were doing effort already.

Ohya,why I said that Actually we've got paradise already if we realise that freedom is always on your behalf of your soul?
Yes i think that every special freedom in your body just like abstraction,and you can get the other half in your Faith.Find your peace in your Faith,for instance : If you already believe to people about driving,and your car was drived by your credible people,you can get peace right?It proves that believe can give us something special like a peace.
than your car was drived by the people who didnt have any credibilities from you at all.You just get worry when the people drives your car.

So,just realise and grateful all of you have already.

And you can get the best life of your self without thinking about the other people and prestige.
Faith the best part of your life when you doing anything.


Mungkin banyak orang yang bingung apa sih subjektifitas?
ya secara simple menurut saya sendiri,Subjektifitas adalah sesuatu yang dilihat melalui "Subjek" nya.Nah apa maksudmu fik?
Begini begini,subjektifitas itu stigma orang lain dalam memandang sesuatu melalui Subjek atau Orang(disini lebih condong ke karakter kali ya,atau nama orang[orang yang sudah berkarakter tentu nya]).
Padahal subjektifitas itu kan hanya orang-orang yang mempunyai karakter kuat,Bukaaan ,bukan orang yang berkarakter kuat tetapi seorang yang mampu mengkarakterisasi dirinya menjadi lebih menonjol dari orang lain.
Lalu salah?masalaah buat Lo?

Gak,setiap orang pun mampu mengkarakterisasi mereka sendiri dengan baik jika dia mampu paham kelebihannya itu.Tergantung dengan sifat orang tersebut yang mau memunculkan karakter aslinya atau tidak.

Kembali ke subjektifitas.
Jujur aja nih,saya seorang yang bukan melihat sesuatu secara subjektif.Berbeda dengan orang-orang indonesia pada umumnya.

Contoh dari Subjektifitas orang indonesia:
Fatin   #Aaaaaaaaaaaa
Mungkin orang-orang baru mendengar nama fatin kayaknya langsung heboh,karena memang dia ini adalah calon penyanyi baru(muncul) dan sangat booming dengan Nyanyian pertama nya pada sebuah ajang pencarian bakat.
Bagaimana tidak?

Aku aja nih pas pertama denger suaranyaa,beeeh dijamin jatuh hati.Yaiyalah kereen sih pas nyanyi grenade itu.Gimana gak leleh,udah lagu itu bagus,dinyanyiin secara bagus pula.Naah intinya yang suka fatin itu gak cuma saya,tapi ribuan orang indonesia yang mendengarkan suaranya.

Tetapi,  naah ada tetapi nyaa nih.
Setelah minggu- minggu berikutnya dia tampil,aku sih kecewa karena memang tidak sebagus saat pertama kali dia tampil.
Heraan,memang heran.Ribuan orang di luar sana masih bilang bahwa tidak ada kesalahan dalam bernyanyi fatin,padahal menurut saya Nyanyi Lagu itu ya cocok cocokan.Dan Fatin sering gak Cocok nya tetapi orang-orang masih bilang kalo dia yang terbaik.
#Maaf fatin saya tidak bermaksud menjelek jelekkan mu - hehe,tetapi saya lebih suka mendengar suara pesaing - pesaingmu saat mereka nyanyi bagus,tapi kalo pas kamu nyanyi nya pas bagus aq support juga  :P.
Kalo saya suka lagu ya yang saya suka itu musik dan suara nya pastinya,bukan orang nya.Itulah kenapa saya sangat jarang meng idolakan seorang penyanyi,karena saya suka lagu nya - bukan penyanyi nya.

Nah itu poin dari subjektifitas,bagaimana saat orang memandang sesuatu dari Subjeknya saja tanpa melihat kualitas yang orang miliki.

Subjektifitas dapat mendiskrimasi orang-orang yang mau merubah dirinya menjadi lebih baik.
Kok Bisa?
Ada contoh lagi,misalnya ada preman yang tatoan,badan keker,udah lah pokoknya mukanya itu udah muka preman banget lah.
Nah suatu saat preman itu tobat , bener bener tobat gak mau malakin orang lagi.
Terus apa tanggapan masyarakat sekitar?Pasti banyak yang bilang kalo preman itu cuman boongan doang atau kamuflase sok baik biar makin banyak dapet duit dari malakin.
Ya begitulah orang indonesia biasanya,penuh dengan negatif thinking dan terlalu subjektif dalam perspektif nya.
Padahal tuh preman beneran tobat,tapi kalo masyarakat masih belum mau nerima?Yah wahai sodara sodara sekalian(Kek ceramah yak #dyaar),bagaimana kita bisa memberi kesempatan kepada orang lain dalam merubah hidupnya kalo kita masih terlalu subjektif dalam menilai orang?

Diskiminasi itu jelas..
Jelas terjadi dan jelas menyakitkan hati.

Terus kita harus Objektif gitu dalam menilai orang?
Ya terserah,silahkan pahami sendiri aja.Dan tentukan sendiri yang menurut anda lebih cocok pada kepribadian anda.

karena di dunia ini gak ada yang salah dan tidak ada yang mau disalahkan.

Stop curhat

Memang blog adalah salah satu tempat cuhat ku,ya gimana lagi,karena emang sekarang belum ada temanku yang bisa buat curhat?hehe..
Cukuplah di blog curhat selama ini.
Saatnya blog digunakan untuk share sesuatu yang tidak memikirkan diri kita sendiri.Terlalu egois jika blog ini bercerita tentang kehidupanku.
Stttopppp curhaat di blog..
Oke let see

Time of my life

Inilah lagu yang paling cocok yang bru saya rasakan saat2 ini.
Memilih jalan terbaik. Untuk menggapai bintang harus melewati banyak meteor.Harus menerka nerka jalan.. Mengorbankan salah satu harapan demi keinginan..
Yang jelas saya sudah punya tujuan,semoga tak ada jalan lain yang membuatku merubah jalan hidupku.
Tekad dan pendirian yang akan membuatku bisa berada diatas sana..
I’ve been waiting for my dreams
To turn into something
I could believe in
And looking for that
Magic rainbow
On the horizon
I couldn’t see it
Until I let go
Gave into love and watched all the bitterness burn
Now I’m coming alive
Body and soul
And feelin’ my world start to turn

And I’ll taste every moment

And live it out loud
I know this is the time,
This is the time
To be more than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life
Time of my life

Holding onto things that vanished

Into the air
Left me in pieces
But now I’m rising from the ashes
Finding my wings
And all that I needed
Was there all along
Within my reach
As close as the beat of my heart

So I’ll taste every moment

And live it out loud
I know this is the time,
This is the time to be
More than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life
Time of my life

And I’m out on the edge of forever

Ready to run
I’m keeping my feet on the ground
My arms open wide
My face to the sun

I’ll taste every moment

And live it out loud
I know this is the time,
This is the time to be
More than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life
Time of my life
More than a name
Or a face in the crowd
This is the time
This is the time of my life.
This is the time of my life.