Actually we've got paradise already if we realise that freedom is always on your behalf of your soul.Paradise just people's justice.

I take these words from my twitter and absolutelly from my mind.

Every single person have different parameter to get their own paradise.How about the people have different capabilities to take their own pleasure?Is not as easy as you think.
Everybody have different way to get something what they want,who really know about personal necessary ya only theirselves.

Paradise,who are want to get paradise? I think all of people want to get their own paradise.Paradise just the most people destiny cause nobody want to get hell at all.Success,bright future,hapily ever after are the most people want.


Not all human can get the freedom for theirselves,and they are couldnt catch paradise as well.
Even the people who have freedom then,they are didnt sense in the paradise area because they arent realise that they are still in free.So they such in the hell area just because they dont realise that they are in the sweetbright of life.And they are not catch paradise also eventhough they dont have any problem in their life.Conclusion point of here just realise.

Justice here not talking about there's a people give something in the same quantity or quality.
Not like that.
Justice is when the people get balance between effort and result,so that every justice for human are really different.Depend on their effort.

Everybody actually want to get their perfection in their curious thing.But perfection is not ensuring people to get their paradise or their pleasure.Why?because paradise not always perfect.And hard to be perfect person if you were doing effort already.

Ohya,why I said that Actually we've got paradise already if we realise that freedom is always on your behalf of your soul?
Yes i think that every special freedom in your body just like abstraction,and you can get the other half in your Faith.Find your peace in your Faith,for instance : If you already believe to people about driving,and your car was drived by your credible people,you can get peace right?It proves that believe can give us something special like a peace.
than your car was drived by the people who didnt have any credibilities from you at all.You just get worry when the people drives your car.

So,just realise and grateful all of you have already.

And you can get the best life of your self without thinking about the other people and prestige.
Faith the best part of your life when you doing anything.

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2 komentar

  1. I give my eight thumbs of your thought which you pour out into arranged words.
    It is about three and maybe have been four, I repeat reading your Paradise which is written there.
    Seems like I misunderstood before, the way your writing there is like advise word, no it is not that advise, I didn't think that you advise people with your words, but it is like you just put and share your thought about the paradise based on your thought, environment, or any which is correlated within it, and from those it is like giving an explanation of thought ( a thought which is actually exist inside of people mind, but they just get difficult or confused how to describe what kind of thing which is existing in their mind, and you like trying to explain it), is it like that or am wrong to say the aim of your words there?

    What I meant before was just about how to help people who don't realize that paradise, the freedom of which is always there in their half of their soul, while according to me when people is in problem/trouble situation, all are in confusion, it is like their brain is in rush, budrek,has not been able to solve it, even the paradise is always existing inside them, but it’s like they haven’t realized it, yes maybe it needs time to process reaching the paradise if they realize that freedom which is part of their soul, instead we don’t know the estimate of that time, is it short or need more to realize, should not we care to them? While the conclusion point of here is just realize.

    Maybe that was my mistakes to correlate with, since I realize that what your writing here is about self and for own self, realizing the freedom which is part half of soul for reaching the paradise of each individuals.

    Great though of yours

  2. Thank you so..

    Haha,firstly i want to laugh out first when you said that you gave me eight thumbs.
    Normal people organ have a four thumbs,how could you gave me?Or the other four thumbs that you mean are your all middle finger?wakakakak.I dont know what the exactly gift of appresiasion from you.

    My words are never reffering to somebody at all.You didnt have a basic reasons to say that i advising to particullar ones.
    Pretty sure that i just want to share part of my though here.And what the actually purpose for this words only me who can know,and the most important here that i am not offensing,burdening or distubing everybody who read it.Or may be my purpose is really important for you?

    Yes,i know that you'were misunderstood fom very first beginning.And that's really hard for me to makes you inline with my though.Or my words hard to undersandable?

    But here i just want to makes the people how easy to be free,how hillarious when we can realize what a really happen in our life.
    Thank you for reading,interuption is exist here.

    Warm Regards,