Helooo every bodyyyyyy.....................

Finally i've got some reason to build  a stupid sentences here.Firstly i have a point of poem from my facebook subscribtion.I will show the picture of something stupid poem.Let see yaaaa guys

the confusion created when one's mind overrides the body's basic desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately deserves it.
Haha,sounds interesting for me.

Stressfull is condition when the people who didnt catch any thing in their desire and that's makes the people get dissapointed.
When i though much deeply about those kind of words,Inhale,I agree to get that point.
Fundamental point of stress here from the overides mind contrary with the human mental ability to reach their some destiny in their future.Complexity human management of their ownself to take behave and contradict between effort and imaginations.
Naaaah confusions happens when the power of mind couldn't give any great award.Dissapointment go in to their glory life and ruins all of the human mind,and furiously strugling till they(dissapoint) destroy their selves to get their desire.Everything gonna be lose.

No wonder how that every condition was done and was being happen just depends on personal act,right?
The Fairness law untold,seen in the reality of human effort and the result.Comparisson from the human being and human ability just take from the effort by the human it self.
If the people couldnt get their desire and blaming the situation,it doesnt change anything.

Desperately deserves when the condition accept the crowd situation,and human force their mind to take something which cant reach.Rational mind of human being automatically destroyed then.Avoiding the stressfully moment cant downing by relaxing brain such as take a long holiday for quality moment of vacation.Just for forgetting some complicated brain war for a while.After we heal our mind from the complicated situation we can think smartly and rationally.And we ready to take another chances to create a new ending of life with any different way which doesnt tried yet.

Work at the stressful condition couldnt give maximalization result,and harming what a tangible happen in front of you.

Balancing the smart education and vacation makes me better to conquering my life.Because i never think hard for something hard which happen in my self.Gratification coming from when you getting free in everysingle activity what you were done and you dont have any burden.
That's all from me,dont be stress when you meet something complicated happen in your life,just throw away and enjoy the life,Believe me you can get better for your self.

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