When the world just become word


Sense the human being and adore all of the created World makes the people take a gratitude much. Even we can touch the real thing which have a texture such a soil. Aggregation of soil shows the most beautiful thing ever. Land, mountain are the proof the creation from our almighty. The world gives us everything as our desire whether we can take it in a good way or we crush something good for egoistic matter.
So impressive when we take a look in the detail particular of little thing, we will never realize that we are already close to something weird in this life.

This is one imagination I myself often get it when I was daydreaming in a moment. I imagine that World is nothing. The contents of world are empty. The Creator of the world is never coming. Once more time I say that I talk about World, not about Earth. How does World do? What are we? What is really happen in the emptiness?

Yes, Emptiness. The most frightening moment when I remember and Emptiness was around on my mind.
Like we wanna have a suicide without any burden.
What does we do?

Ohh my, this really makes me facedown and go down to tell it. Not only to tell it, I really shock when I was get it. Like when I was writing down this article.
Have you ever imagine that you're nothing? Have you ever daydream if your surrounds are empty?

I do not know, I really do not know what i want to tell you more.

Maybe emptiness will be happen when we have died. Maybe the world will be ending their story when we were died.

No no no no....

I don't know what will happen if we don't have a God.
Maybe World just become word for the soul who able know about World word.

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