Street Child Performance


Today just one day which unfortunately I was getting sick, when I started to wake up, I have a bad feeling that i could not reach anything in my surround. Looks like I don't have a strength to do something easy and it makes me feel hurt. Life must go on whether my condition could not support to realize that I am under sick situation.

I began to wake up at 9 AM and i did not do something I was doing regularly. Yes surely I got influenza. At this time I should take a breakfast to eat a slice of bread, but my power should be raised first to make a change to do. But why did I do if I just can not have a seat at this moment, I just got feeling that i should take care my body first.

I do have a sleep for a while till 1.30 PM and I think that I do not take a lunch I will become more sick. Pretty sure I take a bath first before I take a lunch. Feel so creepy when I take a bath with powerless situation. My head such bombed and in the distraction disease. I do know that my body destroys my desire to have a lunch, ya you know what should I do.Lunch, I was become uncontrolled to walk away from my boarding house and I thought that I need some hot spicy noodles. I walk nearby in a rainy day with unable to be controlled body. My foots and legs are paralyzed, and hard to move on. But fortunately I arrived in a Warkop to get my desire, not only desire, this is talking about human necessary. Spicy and hot noodles make me feel better even though I don't taste anything except spicy. I reserved double noodle and Hot orange beverage. Fuck yeaahh my tongue senses a flames around.

But the main idea of I write this diary when I would go to office at 3 PM and everyday I go to my office by bus. My condition still senses paralyzed, I was waiting for a moment to get a bus, finally i entered to the bus with headcache condition. In my journey as a usual that traffic jam is always paralyzing jakarta's vehicle condition. At the moment there is a one person who enter the bus also. And my perspective answered that the man is street child person. Yes my feeling is true. Firstly I look at him, there is no special person character. But when he come to sing, Woooww awesome golden voice I think.Yes I am who was in a bad conditions. He sings Soledad and Take me down entitle. I see in my around, I feel it and I want to cry. haha. I remember with someone who has come to make me feel happily in my life. I miss her so and just time which can answer my pray. In my bad body condition it makes me worse to have some feeling in my mind. The golden voices combined a great song and the situation affirmative to makes me feel so Galau. Yaah why did I say like that if the real condition as dramatic as Indonesian "undefined" movie. haha. Sinetron I mean.

The main idea here why Indonesian government never support talented and awesome street child person. Why did the government do not give a great places to all of street child performer to show they great talent. Is that government never think that many people outside there have a great performer which can make under urban person get a suitable income? Is it fair that great performer just being street child performer if they have a great talent to be improved and to be shown?

I think government provides in a part of their city and provides the facility in the open area to collect many street child performer till they are have a great places to improved their skills.

But mini garden in Jakarta does not exist, how can government provide all of them?

Yah maybe under pleasure person just do cry to realize that they are being careless stakeholder from government.

Maybe government should take an improvement in any sides. Caring to all of their citizen is the best way to have a great city to care.

Hopefully, just hope was coming, no action and no changes.

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