Think of the Consequences if you do Nothing

May some people think that doing nothing is the best way to take a rest,that's justifiable enough to agree that's great choice.When the people think that they spending time just for do nothing is the best way to spending their time,In a special case in the future,sometimes they get some regretfulness by theirselves that cannot maximal to do something in right now.That's why our parent said to us that "We must maximize our young age to get as much as we can new experiences.Cause,if you grow older you get hard to get chance about new experience".I'am as youth,Inhale, I really agree with you dad.Youth is the phase of human to jump off to touch the sky.The spirit of youth should waving as flag cause whose again the generation if arent us?
Young period is the  best time to spending time for beneficial activities,maybe we can establish the activity which give us more benefit or even though give us some thing that can decrease our time.Filtering the best one and suitable activities with us to spend our time can decrease your "jobless" in your day and give you more attractive when you met with somebody.

Is there any people who still though that keep silent and stick in one time without any activities.There are many people minding that thats better than doing unBeneficial activities,beneficial here may did that they think should spending money in several activities,yess pretty sure that's the right of human being.Mature has be able to consider where is the true,where is the false.They can separate them based on their own idealism.

We can analyze that how much times that was wasted for a great experience chances supposed to be happen.May be here i just want to share what was lost if i do nothing.

There are many consequences if I do nothing :
1. I dont get any information something currently happen in the world.
2. I get the bad feeling when i was do nothing,like my world is empty.I dont have any feel that I still life.hahaha
3. The time that actually can give me more amazing experience can lost.
4. I dont have a great moment to socialize to my circumstances.
5. Cant develop my ability to makes bettermen for myself.
6. Sacrificing my enjoy-life
7. etc

Actually i have several more about the consequences if i do nothing.And most of them are give me bad affect toward my self or even my own development.

You have a right to choose as you want,do you want to do nothing,or you spending in the other activities.
And the most important here,you have to choose as enjoy as you are.


Indonesia has many cities which are have a special characteristic in each city. Developing country such as Indonesia does not have many great cities which has a lot of storeys building. We do believe that Indonesia is still left behind compared either South East Asian or even Asian's cities in many sectors. Fortunately we have one and the only city in Indonesia which has a "Skyscraper" and the greatest city in every sectors in Indonesia, yeah Jakarta city. I would like to tell you what is the meaning of skyscraper, I take it from Wikipedia.

A skyscraper is a tall, continuously habitable building of many storeys, usually designed for office and commercial use. There is no official definition or height above which a building may be classified as a skyscraper. One common feature of skyscrapers is having a steel framework from which curtain walls are suspended, rather than load-bearing walls of conventional construction. Some early skyscrapers have a steel frame that enables the construction of load-bearing walls taller than of those made of reinforced concrete. Modern skyscrapers' walls are not load-bearing, and most skyscrapers are characterized by large surface areas of windows made possible by the concept of steel frame and curtain walls. However, skyscrapers can have curtain walls that mimic conventional walls and a small surface area of windows.

Burj Khalifa Building ,the tallest building over world 

The skyscrapers building construction is inevitable with strong and mature counted of basic foundation. When architect has failed to establish and assume every step construction activities, it will damage to the oncoming concrete buildings. Stupidity of human being will be proven when something calamity was going to be happened. It's not much different with personality constructions of human being. When the people has many desire in their life they have to confront their conditions. The fundamental power of human if they can frame their mentality as basic power of themselves. How can people still stand up without foots? How can people walk away without legs? The strongest indicator of human being is foots if they wanna do something such run away to take their chances. The people whose have a great foundation like a strong mentality, commitment, effort, etc they feel usual when they meet some pains, desperation, facedown, regret and many bad sides which can break downing human step mentality to confront their hard life, they still stand stick up on their own place. And here I have a lot of reasons why I do agree that skyscraper is really have a deep meaning and have many similarity with human being personality.

I cut off the part of Demi Lovatto lyric Skyscraper Entitled.

I will be rising from the Ground.

Like a skyscraper,like a skyscraper.

The purpose of the part of Skyscraper's lyric is concrete enough to be understood. May be I am the person who is a skyscraper wannabe. Rising from the ground or the lowest we have and strengthen us first before we become in high people such as an official, president, or even director of a company. Build foundation of human personality from the lowest place is like you have to prepare some best matter to collecting the best material to fulfill the empty of your hole ground. And not only you are greatest material that you have had built, but you also have a great strategy to make all of your material and your architectural is counted in a right way to structure.

Storey by storey which has been built have to become a great constructions each storey because that is for strengthening construction from the ground. Like a human that needs something which can shore all up of burden in the constructions above. Human is the part of world-circumstances that was born to uphold the world-life by human own legs. Each human has many differences personalities to make the world still have soul to be upstanding. Each personality has their own frame-bone that can be looked how much confidential, mentality and the other indicator which can be seen as strong personality constructions.

I am as the people who collect my each part of characteristic, my gun is to enhance my personal quality. It can proven by I am whom many challenge activities that I have joined for. And that's all just for improve all of my personality sides to ensure pursuing my aspiration in the future. But everything we couldn't ensure that gonna be as well as our expect. But if we do not have any effort and struggle to do something that can make us to be better person, why don't we try to conduct something? Skyscraper isn't only a great construction that it has to be, but as finishing section of the building must to be great either. That is like a personal inside and outside perspective. It does not matter when the great personality inside is always make a great outside too. If the finishing of building is not really great and looks like a frail glass (looks like not a strong constructed). Pretty much sure that personality inside can give strongest aura which can make it spread out from inside, but if personality outside did not be improved and then people who look at them will not believe that they have great personality inside.

Synchronization inside and outside personality is needed. Human personality management can give some perfection of each human personality.

Finalizing building we can take a look at the building facade, crown and finalization material of the buildings.

The impressiveness of building can be looked from far range of people sight.

When we have built some great personality from inside, we can make all of them look so perfect by you picturize your outside as good as your personality inside. Outside is as important as inside, you have to make it finish.

Yeaahh,i am skyscraper