Pathetic daily conversation


Well,so much times i have learned about how to describe this world.So contradict beetween my alter ego and myself. Then conversation coming up.

E: shiiit,what are you looking for?
T: perfection.what was so wrong of my self to looking for the thing that everybody's want.
E: have you ever known that no body/thing perfect?
T: pretty sure.
E: so?
T: should i explain what i have not to explain?
E: i am sure do know that you cannot explain what am i asking for.
T: Well,when stupid logic coming up to you with your worst question about.Perfection is nothing,and we do believe that.That was be the biggest factor that turn me to improved every single thing what i had. Than if you have already known that perfection is nothing,dont you want you get the best of your self?
E: hhhmmmm......
T: Perfection in social paradigm is getting perfect in every single groove in your own. Doesnt your notion is prove to us that you have been surrendered?
E: holly shit talking about.
T: just enjoy your life,while you still choke a wine during hike a mountain.
E: is there a people can enjoy their life when they hike a mountain?
T: i am the people who always enjoy my life to achieve the peak of i get both of them,pain and happiness.
E: ok,i will,but i won't to get pain.
T: then you will never get happiness.


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