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At the gloomy afternoon when i was reading article,then there is a new number of phone texting me.

08569765**** : Congratulation,you are accepted in EDS UI. %$%^##%$#&*(

#shock. #happy #dream #achievement
OMG finally i was accepted in EDS UI after so tight selection that has been held by EDS committee.
Actually i have many reasons to register myself in UI and finally accepted, yes sure, it is about EDS. The most prestigious organization in University of Indonesia.

OK i will tell you what is EDS it self. EDS is acronym of English Debating Society. The organization which was spawn the best Debater in Indonesia and improved so many achievements in Indonesian Debating championship.EDS always selecting the best prospective member as candidate -the greatest ones- to come forward the legend of EDS member achievements. I will tell you my experiences during EDS selection.

At very first time EDS open recruitment has been held, at that time I texted the committee for getting the complete information about EDS selection rule. Then I prepare all of them about the rule and regulation requirement to ensure that i must be accepted in EDS. Then the time is running out.

September 18th, 2013 in EDS twitter announced that Interview session will be held at 9AM-5PM. With any considerations even though I really got lazy to move from my bed on early. hahaha. But only because of EDS interview session then I woke up and ready to go to campus. Right after I was in UI's Library I used bike to go to Pusgiwa (Pusat Kegiatan Mahasiswa), if you guys know, Pusgiwa is located in the sub urban campus that so far range from campus center. Then i met the interviewer from 2010 batch (Maybeee).

Interviewer has begun to speak in Pusgiwa.
I: &^%^&%*&*^&
M: OK, actually I am beginning all of my talent in news casting.
I: So, why do you want to join Debate?
I: Oke, let you choose one topic and directly you have to deliver your speech by your idea.
M: Well, I chose Marijuana Legalization , I proposed that %^&%^%^$%^$&%^#$#%$##%$%^%
I: Very great. Then you should create an essay as the whiteboard above.

Fiuhhh, so tired and shock when I knew that everybody who held interview has very great speech. So great, OMG they are my enemy to grab the chair of to be EDS member.
Here I give you my essay which has been breaking to become an EDS member. I created in the middle night of day.
I choose topic which fascinated me about 


Military Intervention in Syria

Peaceful demonstration from the low level society in several provinces of Syria, stimulate the security forces for oppressing the demonstrant until killed thousands society. The oppression makes a new problem in Syria by disagreement of security forces oppressed their own society.  The other society who is still alive creates a rebellion toward their own government to sue government for responsible what was occurred in Syria. The society could not accept with the thing that actually happen already in their country. So the society sue the President of Syria (Bashar al-Assad) to retire from his position which has been held on 5 decades.
I propose that military intervention from countries which are located in the vicinity of Syria should handle Syria rebellion which has occurred. We can see on how the conflict comes to internal country and impacted to all society. Before many more people could become victim of security forces, we have to create a new priority for surviving the society who is still alive. When one country has happened conflict already, then the conflict is coming from security forces and their own society, how can the government make sure that the society will be safe if the killer is their own security? how can people get peace if the thing (security) who has a job to always keep them safe, then finally break them down?
Military intervention from another country is needed. Pro and contra of supporter Bashar al-Assad makes society find new supporter for pro and contra side. The condition is being aggravated when Bashar al-Assad provokes Goaln hill to open the way for Palestine security to help Bashar. We can imagine how hard to be Syria’s society when their own president could not bring the condition become better. Society was impacted in mentality, fearness and untrustworthy. Society need to get out from the bad area, society need to get the betterment of themselves. Military intervention becomes a hero of human mentality distraction there, at least there’s people who can ensure them to be safe, can make sure them okay to through the destruction together. Self-defending can not be handled by society that under distraction condition. Military intervention increase mentality power of civilian, and that is the prime privilege of having military forces. Every civilian want to be free, having life normally. The biggest impact of civil war in Syria is mentality down by all of circumstances. When the society agreed the retirement of Assad position, but the regulation of president could not defeated.
Military intervention from other country  in Syria is needed caused military in Syria itself whom prefer in to dispute of President. President has violated the human right by freedom of speech in their country. So many countries which send volunteer to protect the human right violation. The result of this case actually that the condition should follow any decision from their own society, if majority of society has not believed to their own president anymore, then president should be fallen.

Haha, i love you EDS UI, I am ready to go because We debate. We kick asses. We break legs. We blow minds.  

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