"If you do not like swimming, why are you still staying in a pool?"

Simple analogy which declare about why we should be living in our "referred" way. The only key you are having maximal is "Liking". When you feel do not like with swimming then you keep staying it on, do you enjoy in it? In this context we are talking that "swimming" is one of subject in the passage of 3rd level Senior High School curriculum, not as far as this caption about "swimming" , i think you will never be enjoying while you stay in the pool. Feel trapped in the thing what i never expected before, is not what am i wanting at the past. Why I still stay in a pool? in this story i am not able to swim as best, but i can not leave from this pool at this time. Such there is a regulation from our "swimming coach" says "Everybody has to spending 1 hour for swimming attempt as best". Yes, as always that student have to obey what coach or teacher's said.

The compulsion is fix to be existed when you live in the "under regulation" place. I follow the school rule especially follow what the regulation it self, specifically follow what the teacher said. I must be finishing my time first then i move on from this area, the area what i never want. But the destiny is still destiny, there is no one can change what my destiny.

I am shock when i looked my friend who has been succeed in particular thing what majority's people want, he was graduated from Business Management School, Bandung Institute of Technology. Then he also been graduated from Master of International Management at Bournemouth University UK. And he was getting excellent in his Career at the one of the greatest Airline Company in Indonesia. But right now he decided to quit their job continuing school at BIFA (Bali International Flight Academy). It was slapping me to remind that Passion is the top of people's life. If you still have time to pursue your real destiny, just keep your ambition up.

Live my life with full of ambition. But if i do think sooner about the separation between "dream" and "reality" is so thick, or perhaps that dream is not appropriate to be realized. What about if you had dream able to live in the moon without additional equipment? Yes sure, as an alien who able around the universe freely. Might be that dream can be realized, but is that hard much for getting real, right? Like we have so many questions to God, why we are created to be able for imagining? Or this is an opportunity for human who would never be obtained something as imagined before? But my ambition still exist what was being to be happened in the front. I imagine that someday i live in the department which i really passionate with, i do not need to be rich, i do not need to be popular. I just think when i sightseeing in the tourism place such as Malioboro, there are many people who worked as Painter, if we though that how much income for them, it incredible to believe. How can people stay worked to be Painter if they had so many chances to get better Job which can give them much more income? Then i realized what they want is not just about money. They choose to get pleasure in their job although they only get not as much as people want beside they should pretend to love something even give better income to them to be conducted. I do appreciate whom dare challenging this hard life about money while everybody pursue to be billionaire.

As what am i getting right now when i do not even passionate what am i majoring in, nor even i study in the best University in this country. I believe time would be answered what God was preparing to me. 

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