Why do you choose to be introvert?


Being introvert or extrovert is not choice,people has born with their own basic education from their own circumstances.Character has been built by people who shaped them to be.Whether or not being introvert for me so hard to be,when i was choosen be introvert and ignorance occure in my soul inside.Sometimes my alter ego comes in the right place,but sometimes in the wrong place.Actually i dont need to be extrovert forever,since i have my alter ego who can face the condition that really needed.But that was so hard my alter ego hand me over all of my body to face the world.Should i pretend to be extrovert?not pretend,but i struggle to replace my introvert.Am i wrong to be introvert?no no no.That is just about social paradim to look introvert such an idiot,cool,arogant and etc.Introvert people does not like you sees guys.We are created like this and could not change my basic character to be extrovert.We do so hard to communicate to our circumstances,so hard.It is not about that we are arogant or pretending to be cool people,this is just the way we are.
Introvert only need to be alone sometimes,we dont even can open the new conversation with the stranger people.Introvert only need to be noticed first by the people around them.When you ask them to open conversation first,condition will be worse.Introvert does not like to be forced.The appresiation that you will give to them only more attention,nothing more.Privacy is the most important thing for introvert,dont you even ask to their privacy cause they believe that privacy just burdening their friends,only introvert who can keep privacy up.Social paradigm sees introvert as unsucessfull people,but we can see how many introvert people achieved to be success.
Well,i still and always gratitude to God that still giving me a great life and great opportunities to get everything what i want.And being introvert does not matter for me cause i have my alter ego who always support me in the bad condition.And he always accompany,understanding and ensure everything to be worthed.When introvert need to be alone,actually they dont really feel lonely cause they can enjoy the emptiness,they can enjoy the loneliness,they have a lot of imaginations to be conducted,they have an alter ego who always accompany them,they never affraid in the darkness,they keep raised up their own destiny,they do not even fear the complicated life.
Alter ego always help us in fragile condition,they can take over to be.Each alter ego has different characteristic and capabilities who can manage something.Thanks God for compeleting me by giving my great alter ego with very different character.
Please understanding me,understanding us,understanding everybody who have same condition like that over.
We dont need to be famous,we dont need to get adored.

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