When celebration was changed to be commemoration


Everybody in the world celebrates the most awaited moment in a Year, after fully 1 month through fasting days, they welcome a day with joyful and happiness. A man who studying in Faculty of Computer Science University of Indonesia, lives in depok did not.

Several years ago, a young man went to somewhere he did not know where he precisely stood up. Due to a compulsory activity, studying, he ultimately escaped his life in the village to go city where his campus located. His voyage has changed the condition, feeling or even sense. And first time he arrived there, he faced condition while in a fasting moment. As a moshlem's special month, he felt nothing. When usually he woke up happily with his family, since that moment he must be struggling for having breakfast before fasting begin (Sahur time). At 3 AM he force the body to face the cold climate, he had to looking for the place which provided food. Day a day has left, no sense while he throughout the days. Then finally he was only realized that the best moment has gone.

Celebration is when somebody get an extraordinary moment and they doing something for their special moment. How about the no-longer special moment? should he celebrate? No. Commemorating is enough.
The special moment has gradually lost already.

Might be this is a phase for people who transformed into Maturity, then the best moment will come several years later when he is already had an independent family. And commemoration should be replaced again.

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