Stars were no longer pretty !


The gleaming stars above the skies appeared to universe widely. Everything is adore to Stars. The enchantment of stars were admitted by everyone who lived above the earth. Looks so warm when seeing the stars gathered into one area and shaped to be an unique image. Glamorous and classy are the appropriate words for stars. Love the way they are spreading their shine into me. What a gorgeous thing above the life.

But do not you ever think that what will be doing by star if you only see one star in the over world? Or may be when you try to think that Stars are not divided by air, and we only see one star. There is no special when  all stars are being into one place. Selfish. We can not feel the diversity of stars, when diversity is being uphold in many countries. Diversity is one of the reason for the thing seems so pretty. Have you ever come into flower garden? And absolutely you see the flowers blossom. If you come into flower garden at one type of flower, you will be getting bored. Else if when you come to various flower garden with so many diverse color? Will be more attractive.

Stars were no longer pretty when they only shown one by one. Cold, strange and freakish. There was no longer warm sensed. When all stars are being selfish, they only want to show themselves without others. They need to show their charm alone, but it is not warm enough. Not warm enough. They escape the warmness which is created inside of them. They enter into empty space, so everybody see the brightest star is only its. They freed themselves from the group which uphold its shine.

Stars were no longer pretty when the bias light has existed in the big city. The lamp's light has switched the thing which enlighten to the world, enlightened the people life. That is so hard to see stars at the big city. Dazzled for a while, not only for a while but blind to see stars in the whole of night. As a human who live in the big city, the shine of lamp is replacing the stereotype of people about Gorgeousness and the Awfulness of Star. We prefer to enjoy the gleaming of lamp which are modified as pretty attractive as people can be created.

By two points of view over there, i claimed that stars were no longer pretty. Star is selfish for right now, they appeared one by one as they want. They just want to seems the brightest star ever, and neglecting what the people see to them. They never think that their gorgeous is when they are together, they are showing their light together, they are shaped into great image in the over world, and everything has seen.
Stars also do not need by everybody then, they are to be replaced by Lamp. Lamp which is promising the light more than everybody's want, the lamp which is so close with the people here, The lamp which is always giving everybody warmness in everywhere. Then the gorgeous of stars were be replaced.

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